Hubris project

This research project examines how businesses need to understand hubris to avoid its effects.


Hubris is excessive self-confidence, exaggerated self-belief, overweening pride, and contempt for the advice and criticism of others. It emerges when leaders become intoxicated by power and success. 

Hubris in the boardroom can have profound and destructive consequences for leaders, businesses, the economy, and society. As a result, businesses need to understand hubris to avoid its effects.


  • Identify the nature and causes of hubris in business
  • Develop tools and techniques for anticipating, detecting, and diagnosing hubris
  • Understand how sought-after leadership traits such as confidence, self-assurance, and pride can morph into over-confidence, arrogance, and contempt
  • Explore how managerial hubris feeds corporate hubris, and vice versa
  • Help organisations anticipate and mitigate hubris.