Inference of evidential value in forensics

Start date

01 September 2015

End date

31 December 2016


CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM or The Company) is interested to infer the "strength of evidence" from biometric systems. Although such a framework is well established in forensic speaker verification, this is not the case for the face recognition technology. They would like to establish this framework in order to solve crimes with evidence captured by CCTV cameras and covert cameras.

Aims and objectives

The work to be undertaken is considered a feasibility study that is based on the existing face recognition literature. The work answers essential questions that make use of the face recognition technology for forensic investigation, such as:

  • How to compute the strength of evidence using today's face recognition technology?
  • Can CCTV with higher image resolution lead to stronger strength of evidence (that is usable in the court)?
  • What aspects of face recognition technology need to be improved in order to cope with CCTV of the future?

Funding amount