Microwave heating demonstrator payload – develop hardware of 250W microwave generator and oxygen/water extraction

Start date

01 November 2021

End date

31 March 2022


This project aims to increase the technology readiness level of the microwave heating demonstrator subsystems. As a follow-on of the pathfinder project, the main objectives of this project are to:

  1. Develop a microwave generator hardware unit based on solid-state amplification capable of delivering 250W of output power with 50 per cent of power-added efficiency
  2. Develop a concept of an oxygen and water extraction subsystem and upgrade the mass spectrometer subsystem accordingly
  3. Develop a complete packaging CAD design of the microwave heating demonstrator payload with the update of the above subsystems developed in this project
  4. Exploit the technological advancements from this project to place the UK industry at the forefront of lunar ISRU missions such as ESA’s EL3 and NASA’s CLPS programme.

Funding amount