Quantum computing for nuclear data

Start date

01 January 2021

End date

31 December 2024


Quantum computers operate on a different principle to normal “classical” computers: Using qubits instead of bits, these qubits can cooperate with each other to store and process information in a way which scales exponentially in the number of qubits. This is hypothesised to allow the solution of problems too difficult for classical computers.

In this project, we will develop algorithms for use on quantum computers which solve the many-body quantum mechanical equations needed to understand the structure of atomic nuclei with a goal of being able to describe and predict the complex range of excited states exhibited by nuclei.  Working with industrial partners, we will deploy and test the algorithms of the current class of available quantum computers of up to a few tens of qubits.

Funding amount




Additional members

Dr James Benson

Visiting staff University of Surrey, industrial supervisor of PhD project, based at AWE

Isaac Hobday

PhD student funded on the project