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SMART-UP: Shaping Multilingual Access through Respeaking Technology – Upskilling

Start date

November 2023

End date

November 2024


Real-time subtitling is an advanced technique based on the interaction between a human and speech recognition software, making live content accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Demand for these services is increasing rapidly, with a particular growth area emerging in live interlingual subtitling, where content is subtitled from one language to another.  
This ESRC IAA-funded project will be helping to identify current barriers to the uptake and development of interlingual subtitling, which include an acute lack of trained professionals who are able to deliver the service, and address these by producing a certified training offering.
The project will further the impact of existing ESRC funded research, the SMART project, which focused on an emerging technique for live subtitling - respeaking - the leading method for live intralingual subtitles for live events of all kinds.  
By partnering with key stakeholders including broadcasters and subtitling providers, this new project will build on an ‘upskilling-for-testing' course prototype developed by the SMART team, with the aim of turning this into a fully-fledged, adaptable and customisable continuous professional development (CPD) model. The long term goal is to upskill language professionals to reduce the current skills barrier that prevents widespread adoption of live interlingual subtitling across the globe. 


Planned Impact

This project will help to ensure a sustainable and inclusive approach to upskilling that paves the way for responsible commercialisation and adoption by stakeholders worldwide. The outputs have the potential to deliver sizeable societal benefits to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities globally, improving accessibility to live content in any language, and will also positively impact career opportunities for language professionals. 

Challenges Being Addressed