Whiteley Village: Exploring care during a period of transition


Whiteley Village is a residential community of approximately 500 older people living in a large purpose-built retirement village managed by a registered charity ‘The Whiteley Homes Trust’. The project aims to explore Whiteley Village community members’ perspectives on ‘community support during a time of transition’ to assist in the development of a new model of care and support for the whole community. The approach of appreciative inquiry is used to locate best practice and to bring about change.

We will carry out interviews with cottage residents and focus groups with residents and staff. Then, participants will also be bought together in community meetings to explore the future of Whiteley Village.

Aims and objectives

  • Document the core values of Whiteley Village that continue to be relevant to the community today
  • Document the experiences of care and support that currently exist, and specifically to identify what works well and how this can be built on to deliver better community-based care in the future
  • Explore support mechanisms that promote independence, including the barriers and enablers in supporting people to live independently
  • Identify the key concepts which encourage a community to support each other.

Research groups and centres

Our research is supported by research groups and centres.

The International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory