Research and Innovation Strategy 2019-22

Our Research and Innovation Strategy recognises the intrinsic connectedness of research and innovation and will see Surrey accelerate its journey towards being a truly great global university.


"The University published its corporate strategy, The Surrey Advantage, in late 2017, which include strategic priorities in research, and in impact and innovation. Over a year on, the present strategy reinforces and updates the corporate strategy, and expands upon its themes, goals and targets – also linking to the Global, Education, Human Resources and Advancement strategies.

Here, for the first time, we bring together the Research Strategy and Innovation Strategy into an integrated framework, recognising that one flows seamlessly from the other, and by innovation, we imply broadly all societal benefit that accrues from our research – not only its monetisation, as important as that is.

As the Vice-Chancellor noted in his foreword to the corporate strategy, we live in times of great change and uncertainty, wherein challenge and complexity, somewhat incongruously, are juxtaposed with opportunity. This circumstance certainly holds true for research and innovation, with uncertainty over funding streams, with some growing and some shrinking; government reinforcement of the importance of the relevance of our research and its place in a vibrant economy; and the strong expectation that universities and business work ever closer together for the benefit of the nation. Thus, whilst the strategic goals expressed herein are clear, how we get there is intended to be adaptive and open to change, reflecting our pragmatism and agility.

During the genesis of this blueprint for our future in research and innovation, many colleagues, students, supporters and alumni have been consulted, and we thank them for their engagement, enthusiasm and loyalty. What has been captured herein provides an exciting accompaniment to ‘The Surrey Advantage’ – one which recognises the critical place of research and innovation in the modern university, with its important societal contributions to the generation of knowledge, the advanced training of researchers and the generation of wealth and wellbeing for our communities."

Professor David Sampson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation

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      Our ambition is to become a leading global university performing impactful research and innovation, graduating excellent researchers, and achieving outcomes which make important contributions to society. Read more.

      We have defined four overarching strategic goals to support our ambition:

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