Early career researcher workshops

To meet the development and training needs of early career researchers and research staff we offer a bespoke programme.  

Please be aware: all development workshops are virtual at present.

Being an early career researcher at Surrey: The unofficial guide

We will endeavour to meet all new research staff when they arrive at Surrey for a short chat about how we can best support you.

During this meeting you will receive a copy of "Being an Early Career Researcher at Surrey. The Unofficial Guide."  If you are already at Surrey and would like to meet with a member of the RDP team then please request a one-to-one appointment.

As well as the following workshops, training and events, you can also get involved with:

Workshops and training schedule

For more details and to register for any of these events, please email rdp@surrey.ac.uk

View a full list of the learning and development opportunities available to all staff on SurreyNet.


14-Jan-2210:00-12:00Mentorship Training 
14-Jan-2210:00-17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual
18-Jan-2211.00-12.30Introduction to Endnote
19-Jan-2214:00-16:00Research Funding: The Basics
20-Jan-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course
20-Jan-2211:00-13:00Writing Critically
20-Jan-2214:00-16:00Building your Professional Network: An introduction
21-Jan-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course
21-Jan-2210:00-11:30Data Management Plans
24-Jan-2211:00-13:00Writing Coherently
25-Jan-2213:00-14:30Research Data Management
26-Jan-2210:00-13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
28-Jan-2213:00-15:00How to develop Research Integrity: A Virtue workshop
31-Jan-2211:00-12:00Plan It, Do It


01-Feb-2210:00-12:00Demonstrating in Laboratories*
02-Feb-2211:00-13:00Writing Concisely
03-Feb-2210:00-12:00Presentation Skills Essentials
03-Feb-2215:00-17:00Presentation Skills in Practice
07-Feb-2210:00-12:00Unconscious Bias Training: Understand, Identify, Act (On campus)
09-Feb-2214:00-16:00Poster Presentations
11-Feb-2210:00-17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual
14-Feb-2210:00 - 12:00Presentation Skills Essentials
15-Feb-2210:00-12:00Mentorship Training
15-Feb-2214:00-16:00Effective Job Search: techniques and tactics

Critical thinking in Research Integrity. Governance and Ethics

21-Feb-2210:00-13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
25-Feb-2214:00 - 16:00Research Funding: The Basics
28-Feb-2210:00 - 11:00Plan It, Do It


03-Mar-2213:00-14:30Data Management Plans
07-Mar-2210:00-17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual
08-Mar-2214:00-16:00Marketing yourself: CV workshop
10-Mar-2211:00-13:00Writing Critically
15-Mar-2210:00-12:00Mentorship Training
16-Mar-2211:00-12:30Research Data Management
17-Mar-2211:00-13:00Writing Coherently
22-Mar-2211:00-13:00Writing Concisely
23-Mar-2210:00-13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
23-Mar-2214:00-16:00Preparing for Online Interviews
31-Mar-2210:00-11:00Plan It, Do It


04-Apr-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zone
05-Apr-2210:00-17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual
12-Apr-2213:00-14:30Data Management Plans
21-Arp-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course
22-Apr-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course
25-Apr-2210:00-13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
26-Apr-2214:00 - 16:00Presentation Skills: Essentials
28-Apr-2215:00 - 16:00Plan it, Do it


02-May-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zone
03-May-2213:00 - 15:00Research Funding: The Basics
03-May-2210:00 - 12:00How to develop Research Integrity: A Virtue workshop
03-May-2214:00-15:30Research Data Management
09-May-2210:00 - 12:00Engaging with your Literature: Critical Reading and Thinking 
09-May-2209:00 - 11:00Mentorship Training
10-May-2210:00 - 12:00Introduction to Endnote
16-May-2210:00 - 13:00MINI Writing Retreat
23-May-2211:00-12:30Data Management Plans
24-May-2210:00 - 12:00Introduction to Scopus
25-May-2213:00 - 14:00Bright Club Training: Presentation Skills 
30-May-2210:00 - 13:00MINI Writing Retreat
31-May-2209:00 - 11:00Mentorship Training
31-May-2210:00 - 11:00Plan it, Do it
31-May-2210:00 - 12:00Poster Presentations


06-Jun-2210:00 - 12:00Poster Presentations
06-Jun-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zone
07-Jun-2211:00 13:00Presentation Skills: Essentials
07-Jun-2210:00 - 12:00Introduction to Web of Science
10-Jun-2210:00-11:30Research Data Management
14-Jun-2210:00 - 17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual
16-Jun-2210:00 - 12:00Presentation Skills in Practice (In Person)
29-Jun-2211:00 - 13:00Writing Critically
30-Jun-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course - Day 1 of 2
30-Jun-2215:00 - 17:00Time and Project Management
30-Jun-2210:00 - 11:00Plan it, Do it


01-Jul-2210:00 - 13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
01-Jul-229:45 - 16:00NVivo Two Day Course - Day 2 of 2
04-Jul-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zon
06-Jul-2211:00 - 13:00Writing Coherently
11-Jul-2210:00 - 17:00Summer Writing Retreat Day 1
12-Jul-2210:00 - 17:00Summer Writing Retreat Day 2
13-Jul-2211:00 - 13:00Writing Concisely
29-Jul-2210:00 - 11:00Plan it, Do it


02-Aug-2210:00 - 12:00Editing
24-Aug-2210:00 - 17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual


05-Sep-2210:00 - 13:00MINI Writing Retreat - Virtual
05-Sep-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zone
20-Sep-2210:00 - 17:00Writing Retreat - Virtual


03-Oct-2210:00 - 12:30The Focus Zone


Workshop descriptions

Read the workshop descriptions to find out more.

Career development

Communication and dissemination

Research funding

Research leadership and management

Public engagement and impact

23 Things

Digital tools for your professional and personal development

23 Things international is a unique collaboration between universities at opposite poles, offering participants fantastic opportunities to build their network, develop skills with research tools, and establish their professional profile. The Universities of Otago, Victoria Wellington and Surrey invite you to explore some amazing connections. 

Our aim is for this course to suit researchers at different stages of their careers, including doctoral researchers, early career researchers and supervising academics. Whether you’re looking for project management tools, careers coaching, or a refresher in new apps and websites, there will be something for you. With the right support and community discussion, this should be valuable for everyone from beginner to expert.

The course consists of 23 ‘Things’, each of which is a useful tool or technique that you may not have encountered before, or may want to develop further. We release a blog post each week with two new Things (plus a couple of break weeks), so you can work through them to a simple regular timetable, or at your own pace. Most of the Things invite you to complete a short task to trial or reflect on the tools. By the end of the course we hope you will have your own professional academic website and profile, as well as hands-on experience with the tools discussed.

Learn more on the 23 Things website.

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