Throughout the year we host a series of general and research seminars on topics such as econometrics, theory and energy.

Upcoming seminars

Date Area Speaker
9 October 2019 General Debopham Battacharya (University of Cambridge)
10 October 2019 Macro Pontus Rendahl (University of Cambridge)
10 October 2019 Theory Martin Meier (University of Bath)
23 October 2019 General Vincent Crawford (University of Oxford)
24 October 2019 Macro Alex Luiz Ferreira (University of Sao Paulo)
29 October 2019 Theory Daniele Condorelli (University of Essex)
30 October 2019 General Carol Propper (Imperial College London)
31 October 2019 Macro Cristicano Cantore (University of Surrey)
6 November 2019 General Misa Tanaka (Bank of England)
7 November 2019 Thoery Toomas Hinnosaar (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
13 November 2019 General Apad Abraham (University of Bristol)
14 November 2019 Macro Raffaele Rossi (University of Manchester)
20 November 2019 General Eric Renault (University of Warwick)
21 November 2019 Macro Yunus Aksoy (Birkbeck)
21 November 2019 Theory Guilherme Carmona (University of Surrey)
12 December 2019 Econometrics Bertille Antoine (Simon Fraser University)
4 March 2020 General Florian Zimmermann (University of Bonn)
11 March 2020 General Richard Blundell (University College London)
18 March 2020 General Peter Hammond (University of Warwick)
25 March 2020 General Nobushiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
29 April 2020 General Adam Klaus (University of Oxford)
27 May 2020 General Barbara Rossi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
13 May 2020 General Kim Sharf (University of Birmingham)
20 May 2020 General Franklin Allen (Imperial College London)

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