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Date Speaker Title
21 Mar 2018 Andrew Chester Incomplete Models of English Auctions
20 Mar 2018 Chris Muris Binarization for Panel Models with Fixed Effects
23 May 2017                                 Dr. Tom Holden Econometrics Seminar: Tractable estimation and smoothing of highly non-linear dynamic state-space models
17 May 2017 Dr. Paolo Agnolucci SEEC Seminar: Energy Consumption Across UK Industrial Subsectors
16 May 2017 Dr. Daniel Wilhelm Econometrics Seminar: Testing for the Presence of Measurement Error
15 May 2017 Prof. Guilherme Carmona Theory Seminar: On the Persistence of Monetary Trading: Incentive-feasible Memory is Money
10 May 2017 Dr. Shawn Mu SEEC Seminar: Asymmetric Volatility in Commodity Markets
9 May 2017 Prof. Jesus Gonzalo Econometrics Seminar: Title Quantile Factor Models
8 May 2017 Dr. Cormac O’Dea Applied Micro Seminar: Private Pensions and Public Pension Design
2 May 2017 Dr. Tang Srisuma Econometrics Seminar: Identification and Estimation of a Search Model: a Procurement Auction Approach
30 Mar 2017 Dr. Hans Peters Theory Seminar: Effectivity and Power
29 Mar 2017 Prof. Michael Pollitt SEEC Seminar: Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector: Lessons from International Experience
23 Mar 2017 Prof. Rida Laraki Theory Seminar: Majority judgement vs majority rule
22 Mar 2017 Prof. Subhes Bhattacharyya SEEC Seminar: Economics of mini-grids for electricity access in developing countries
21 Mar 2017 Dr. Federico Martellosio Econometrics Seminar: Adjusted QMLE for the spatial autoregressive parameter
16 Mar 2017 Dr. Elisa Faraglia CIMS Seminar: "Government Debt Management: The Long and the Short of It
16 Mar 2017 Dr. Yehuda Levy Theory Seminar: Projections and Functions of Nash Equilibria
13 Mar 2017 Dr. Gabriella Conti Applied Micro Seminar: Non-Contributory Health Insurance and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico
9 Mar 2017 Matthew Embrey Theory Seminar: Gambling in Dynamic Contests: Experimental Evidence
6 Mar 2017 Dr. Nicolas Roys Applied Micro Seminar: Skill prices, occupations and changes in the wage structure
2 Mar 2017 Hamid Sabourian Theory Seminar: Evolution of Rules, Mutation and Selection: Efficiency and Egalitarianism
12 Dec 2016 Dr. Sarah Cattan Applied Micro Seminar: Free Childcare and Parents' Labour Supply: Is More Better?
1 Dec 2016 Dr. Umberto Garfaqnini Theory Seminar: Signalling and Seller Experimentation in Dynamic Markets
30 Nov 2016 Dr. Robert Gross SEEC Seminar: Innovation in energy: Theory, timescales and the role of policy
22 Nov 2016 Prof. Victoria Zinde-Walsh Econometrics Seminar: Wald Tests When Restrictions are Locally Singular
16 Nov 2016 Prof. Neil Strachan SEEC Seminar: Modelling Energy Transitions Under Landscape and Actor Inertia
14 Nov 2016 Dr. Andrea Tesei Applied Micro Seminar: Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa
10 Nov 2016 Dr. Ilze Kalnina Econometrics Seminar: Cross-Sectional Dependence in Idiosyncratic Volatility
10 Nov 2016 Dr. Antonio Rosato Theory Seminar: Loss Aversion and Competition in Vickrey Auctions: Money Ain’t No Good
7 Nov 2016 Zahra Murad Applied Micro Seminar: Individual Behaviour is More Dynamically Rational in Teams
2 Nov 2016 Peter Roscoe SEEC Seminar: Green Deal Means No Deal; How the Experts got this Flagship Policy So Wrong
24 Oct 2016 Dr. Michael Vlassopoulos Applied Micro Seminar: Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US
20 Oct 2016 Prof. Cyril Monnet Theory Seminar: Rational Opacity
19 Oct 2016 Ms Veronica Cinti Energy Seminar: Identity and Competitive Identities in Renewable Energy Development in the Gulf
13 Oct 2016 Prof. Mario Pascoa CIMS Seminar: Equilibrium in FX Swap Markets: Funding Pressures and the Cross-Currency Basis
6 Oct 2016 Prof. Klaus Ritzberger Theory Seminar: Equivalences of Extensive Forms
22 Jun 2016 Sonia Oreffice Applied Micro Seminar: The demand for season of birth
18 May 2016 Prof. Richard Green SEEC Seminar: The impacts of renewable generators and of storage on the electricity market
17 May 2016 Dr. Franz Dietrich Theory Seminar: Savage’s Theorem Under Changing Awareness
12 May 2016 Dr. Andrew Ellis Theory Seminar: Complexity, Correlation, and Choice
28 Apr 2016 Dr. Konrad Mierendorff (UCL) Theory Seminar: Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention
27 Apr 2016 Prof. Paul Stevens (University of Dundee) SEEC Seminar: The prospects for oil markets: Short, medium and long term
25 Apr 2016 Dr. Philipp Strack (Berkeley) Theory Seminar: Risk-Taking in Contests - The impact of fund-manager Compensation on Investor Welfare
20 Apr 2016 Dr. Roger Fouquet (LSE) SEEC Seminar: Long Run Welfare Effects of Energy Services and Technologies (1700-2010)
15 Mar 2016 Dr. Aniol Llorente-Saguer Theory Seminar: The Marginal Voter's Curse
10 Mar 2016 Prof. Piero Gottardi Theory Seminar: A Theory of Repurchase Agreements: Collateral Re-use and Repo Intermediation
9 Mar 2016 Dr. Jungyoon Lee Econometrics Seminar: Misspecification Testing in Spatial Autoregressive Models
14 Jan 2016 Prof. Rabee Tourky (The University of Queensland) Theory Seminar: Learning Under Unwareness
10 Dec 2015 Prof. Alex Gershkov Theory Seminar: Revenue Maximizing Mechanisms with Strategic Customers and Unknown Demand
7 Dec 2015 Jo Blanden (University of Surrey) Applied Micro Seminar: Free preschool and early educational achievement. An identification strategy based on month of birth discontinuities
3 Dec 2015 Dr. Tomas Rodriguez Barraquer (Autonoma) Theory Seminar: Revisiting Games with Strategic Complements in Networks
2 Dec 2015 Dr. Jacopo Torriti (University of Reading) SEEC Seminar: Where is the Flexibility? Peak Electricity Demand, Price Elasticity and People’s Activities
1 Dec 2015 Dr. Abhimanyu Gupta (University Essex) Econometrics Seminar: Nonparametric Specification Testing via the Trinity of Tests
25 Nov 2015 Prof. Steve Sorrell (University of Sussex) SEEC Seminar: Estimating direct rebound effects for car travel in Great Britain
19 Nov 2015 Dr. Alberto Vesperoni (University of Siegen) Theory Seminar: Democracy and International Conflict
9 Nov 2015 Dr. Ciro Avitabile (University of Surrey) Applied Micro Seminar: High School Track Choice and Financial Constraints: Evidence From Urban Mexico
5 Nov 2015 Prof. Guilherme Carmona (University of Surrey) Theory Seminar: Monetary Trading: An Optimal Trading Mechanism under Limited Record-Keeping
4 Nov 2015 Prof. Richard Tol (University of Sussex) SEEC Seminar: Non-parametric Meta-analysis and Kernel Decomposition, with an Application to the Social Cost of Carbon
29 Oct 2015 Dr. Luca Merlino (Universite Paris 1) Theory Seminar: Public Goods in Endogenous Networks
22 Oct 2015   Theory Seminar: The Social Risk of Innovation
13 Oct 2015 Dr. Meg Meyer (Oxford) Theory Seminar: Beyond Correlation: Measuring Interdependence Through Complementarities

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