School of Economics

Research Group seminars

Date Speaker Title
23 May 2017                                 Dr. Tom Holden Econometrics Seminar: Tractable estimation and smoothing of highly non-linear dynamic state-space models
17 May 2017 Dr. Paolo Agnolucci SEEC Seminar: Energy Consumption Across UK Industrial Subsectors
16 May 2017 Dr. Daniel Wilhelm Econometrics Seminar: Testing for the Presence of Measurement Error
15 May 2017 Prof. Guilherme Carmona Theory Seminar: On the Persistence of Monetary Trading: Incentive-feasible Memory is Money
10 May 2017 Dr. Shawn Mu SEEC Seminar: Asymmetric Volatility in Commodity Markets
9 May 2017 Prof. Jesus Gonzalo Econometrics Seminar: Title Quantile Factor Models
8 May 2017 Dr. Cormac O’Dea Applied Micro Seminar: Private Pensions and Public Pension Design
2 May 2017 Dr. Tang Srisuma Econometrics Seminar: Identification and Estimation of a Search Model: a Procurement Auction Approach
30 Mar 2017 Dr. Hans Peters Theory Seminar: Effectivity and Power
29 Mar 2017 Prof. Michael Pollitt SEEC Seminar: Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector: Lessons from International Experience
23 Mar 2017 Prof. Rida Laraki Theory Seminar: Majority judgement vs majority rule
22 Mar 2017 Prof. Subhes Bhattacharyya SEEC Seminar: Economics of mini-grids for electricity access in developing countries
21 Mar 2017 Dr. Federico Martellosio Econometrics Seminar: Adjusted QMLE for the spatial autoregressive parameter
16 Mar 2017 Dr. Elisa Faraglia CIMS Seminar: "Government Debt Management: The Long and the Short of It
16 Mar 2017 Dr. Yehuda Levy Theory Seminar: Projections and Functions of Nash Equilibria
13 Mar 2017 Dr. Gabriella Conti Applied Micro Seminar: Non-Contributory Health Insurance and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico
9 Mar 2017 Matthew Embrey Theory Seminar: Gambling in Dynamic Contests: Experimental Evidence
6 Mar 2017 Dr. Nicolas Roys Applied Micro Seminar: Skill prices, occupations and changes in the wage structure
2 Mar 2017 Hamid Sabourian Theory Seminar: Evolution of Rules, Mutation and Selection: Efficiency and Egalitarianism
12 Dec 2016 Dr. Sarah Cattan Applied Micro Seminar: Free Childcare and Parents' Labour Supply: Is More Better?
1 Dec 2016 Dr. Umberto Garfaqnini Theory Seminar: Signalling and Seller Experimentation in Dynamic Markets
30 Nov 2016 Dr. Robert Gross SEEC Seminar: Innovation in energy: Theory, timescales and the role of policy
22 Nov 2016 Prof. Victoria Zinde-Walsh Econometrics Seminar: Wald Tests When Restrictions are Locally Singular
16 Nov 2016 Prof. Neil Strachan SEEC Seminar: Modelling Energy Transitions Under Landscape and Actor Inertia
14 Nov 2016 Dr. Andrea Tesei Applied Micro Seminar: Liberation Technology: Mobile Phones and Political Mobilization in Africa
10 Nov 2016 Dr. Ilze Kalnina Econometrics Seminar: Cross-Sectional Dependence in Idiosyncratic Volatility
10 Nov 2016 Dr. Antonio Rosato Theory Seminar: Loss Aversion and Competition in Vickrey Auctions: Money Ain’t No Good
7 Nov 2016 Zahra Murad Applied Micro Seminar: Individual Behaviour is More Dynamically Rational in Teams
2 Nov 2016 Peter Roscoe SEEC Seminar: Green Deal Means No Deal; How the Experts got this Flagship Policy So Wrong
24 Oct 2016 Dr. Michael Vlassopoulos Applied Micro Seminar: Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US
20 Oct 2016 Prof. Cyril Monnet Theory Seminar: Rational Opacity
19 Oct 2016 Ms Veronica Cinti Energy Seminar: Identity and Competitive Identities in Renewable Energy Development in the Gulf
13 Oct 2016 Prof. Mario Pascoa CIMS Seminar: Equilibrium in FX Swap Markets: Funding Pressures and the Cross-Currency Basis
6 Oct 2016 Prof. Klaus Ritzberger Theory Seminar: Equivalences of Extensive Forms
22 Jun 2016 Sonia Oreffice Applied Micro Seminar: The demand for season of birth
18 May 2016 Prof. Richard Green SEEC Seminar: The impacts of renewable generators and of storage on the electricity market
17 May 2016 Dr. Franz Dietrich Theory Seminar: Savage’s Theorem Under Changing Awareness
12 May 2016 Dr. Andrew Ellis Theory Seminar: Complexity, Correlation, and Choice
28 Apr 2016 Dr. Konrad Mierendorff (UCL) Theory Seminar: Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention
27 Apr 2016 Prof. Paul Stevens (University of Dundee) SEEC Seminar: The prospects for oil markets: Short, medium and long term
25 Apr 2016 Dr. Philipp Strack (Berkeley) Theory Seminar: Risk-Taking in Contests - The impact of fund-manager Compensation on Investor Welfare
20 Apr 2016 Dr. Roger Fouquet (LSE) SEEC Seminar: Long Run Welfare Effects of Energy Services and Technologies (1700-2010)
15 Mar 2016 Dr. Aniol Llorente-Saguer Theory Seminar: The Marginal Voter's Curse
10 Mar 2016 Prof. Piero Gottardi Theory Seminar: A Theory of Repurchase Agreements: Collateral Re-use and Repo Intermediation
9 Mar 2016 Dr. Jungyoon Lee Econometrics Seminar: Misspecification Testing in Spatial Autoregressive Models
14 Jan 2016 Prof. Rabee Tourky (The University of Queensland) Theory Seminar: Learning Under Unwareness
10 Dec 2015 Prof. Alex Gershkov Theory Seminar: Revenue Maximizing Mechanisms with Strategic Customers and Unknown Demand
7 Dec 2015 Jo Blanden (University of Surrey) Applied Micro Seminar: Free preschool and early educational achievement. An identification strategy based on month of birth discontinuities
3 Dec 2015 Dr. Tomas Rodriguez Barraquer (Autonoma) Theory Seminar: Revisiting Games with Strategic Complements in Networks
2 Dec 2015 Dr. Jacopo Torriti (University of Reading) SEEC Seminar: Where is the Flexibility? Peak Electricity Demand, Price Elasticity and People’s Activities
1 Dec 2015 Dr. Abhimanyu Gupta (University Essex) Econometrics Seminar: Nonparametric Specification Testing via the Trinity of Tests
25 Nov 2015 Prof. Steve Sorrell (University of Sussex) SEEC Seminar: Estimating direct rebound effects for car travel in Great Britain
19 Nov 2015 Dr. Alberto Vesperoni (University of Siegen) Theory Seminar: Democracy and International Conflict
9 Nov 2015 Dr. Ciro Avitabile (University of Surrey) Applied Micro Seminar: High School Track Choice and Financial Constraints: Evidence From Urban Mexico
5 Nov 2015 Prof. Guilherme Carmona (University of Surrey) Theory Seminar: Monetary Trading: An Optimal Trading Mechanism under Limited Record-Keeping
4 Nov 2015 Prof. Richard Tol (University of Sussex) SEEC Seminar: Non-parametric Meta-analysis and Kernel Decomposition, with an Application to the Social Cost of Carbon
29 Oct 2015 Dr. Luca Merlino (Universite Paris 1) Theory Seminar: Public Goods in Endogenous Networks
22 Oct 2015   Theory Seminar: The Social Risk of Innovation
13 Oct 2015 Dr. Meg Meyer (Oxford) Theory Seminar: Beyond Correlation: Measuring Interdependence Through Complementarities