Facilitating meaningful engagement by active business leaders and innovators in world-leading education and research within SHTM.

SHTM Executives-in-Residence contribute to the life of SHTM students, academics, and leadership by informing relevant challenge-based education, bridging theory and practice, and emerging opportunities for impactful industry research. 

SHTM Executives-in-Residence offer unique insight on timely business issues to support practice-based education, provide mentoring and advice for students on career, business opportunities, and professional development. They also bring together SHTM research and industry expertise to generate impact on the hospitality, tourism, and events sectors. 

Meet our Executive-in-Residence

Abigail Tan profile image

Abigail Tan

CEO of St Giles Hotel Group, SHTM Executive-in-Residence Spring 2021

Sarah de Carvalho profile image

Sarah de Carvalho

CEO of It’s a Penalty, SHTM Executive-in-Residence Spring 2021

Merilee Karr profile image

Merilee Karr

CEO & Founder of UnderTheDoormat, SHTM Executive-in-Residence Autumn 2021

Anita Mendiratta profile image

Anita Mendiratta

Founder & President of Anita Mendiratta & Associates, SHTM Executive-in-Residence Autumn 2021

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