Faith and spirituality support

We understand that faith and spirituality is important to many of our students and we are here to support and guide you.


The chaplains are available to all members of the University: those of any or no faith or religious persuasion. Chaplains offer support, advice and a confidential listening ear whenever you might need it.

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy team is made up of full-time Anglican and Catholic chaplains, and part-time Buddhist, Jewish, Methodist, Muslim, Sikh and Orthodox chaplains.

You can explore all aspects of personal development, including the religious and spiritual dimensions of your life while you are a student.

Quiet Centre

The Quiet Centre provides a peaceful environment for groups and individuals, whether religious or not. It’s available for everyone to use, provided they respect the facility and other users, and contribute to its tranquil atmosphere.

Religious societies of the Students’ Union have priority use of the facility, subject to availability. The Quiet Centre is not a denominational or a sectarian building, but a place held on trust by, and available to, all members of the University, to ensure that there is space to promote discussion, reflection, worship and prayer.