CubeSat and payload workshop

This intensive workshop provides delegates with an introduction to the engineering aspects of satellite and mission design - with particular emphasis on the design of small low-cost satellites.


Through a series of intensive lectures and exercises, the workshop aims to give an introduction to the design and construction of spacecraft, showing how the mission, and the space environment itself constrain the engineering.

Learning outcomes

Delegates should leave the workshop with a good understanding of:

  • The space environment and its effects
  • Spacecraft platform systems and design
  • Satellite manufacture and testing
  • Applications of small, low-cost satellites
  • Space mission analysis and design.
  • The way that satellites are designed and built.

Course content

The hands-on training runs in parallel to the classroom training and incrementally allows students to develop experimental experience.


  • Our staff will guide students through the different elements of the production of an engineering module.
  • Students will gain an insight into the different tests to be performed in the test process.

Assembly, integration and test

  • Introduction on how to work in an ISO class 6 clean-room environment.
  • Discover soft-stack and hard-stack operations.
  • Learn how to use CubeSat functional test equipment.
  • Introductions will be made to ground support equipment - both electrical and mechanical.
  • You will be able to interact with the CubeSat as it undergoes functional testing.
  • Functional testing will test each module separately, then the combined operation, following predefined test procedures.
  • Briefing about the future stages of environmental testing.

Ground station

  • You will understand the flow of software on the CubeSats and how it interacts with the ground station software.
  • The ground station will be introduced including working at our control centre.
  • You will be able to see how the CubeSat can be interfaced to the ground station by a cable, instead of remotely over RF.

A range of staff experienced in different disciplines will train the students. Customers are also welcome to come during this phase, to observe progress in the CubeSat development and functional test.

Assumed prior knowledge

It will be assumed that students have a basic understanding of orbits and spacecraft dynamics.

Get in contact

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