Academic in Residence Programme

Our programme  

The Academic in Residence Programme at the University of Surrey is an exclusive opportunity for enthusiastic and motivated PhD students to collaborate virtually with international schools across the globe. The selected candidate will work as a representative of the University of Surrey, enhancing students' intellectual development and enriching their educational journey. 

The academic in residence will organise sessions tailored to specific streams such as health and medical sciences, physical sciences, AI and engineering, business, and hospitality management. This programme is designed to immerse participants in dynamic workshops, engaging discussions and enlightening talks.

Benefits for high-school students

Elevate your academic experience:

  • Learn from passionate professors, experts and PhD candidates.
  • Tailor your experience to your unique interests and aspirations.

Gain invaluable insights:

  • Explore research methodologies 
  • Receive personalised guidance on academic interests, university pathways and research opportunities.

Equip yourself for success:

  • Develop tools for a seamless transition into higher education 
  • Receive support in interview preparation and crafting compelling personal statements.

Prestigious recognition:

  • Receive a Certificate of Participation to enhance your CV 
  • Make your university personal statement stand out with recognition of your introduction to research at the University of Surrey.


Every final Wednesday of the month, the academic in residence will provide students and parents with the following opportunities:

  • Insightful guest lectures
  • Active workshops
  • Drop-in sessions.

Benefits for becoming an academic in residence 

  1. Global networking: The programme offers the academic in residence a valuable network, fostering potential collaborations and professional connections with educators and professionals worldwide.
  2. Teaching and mentoring skills: Leading tailored sessions enhances the academic in residence's project management, teaching and mentoring abilities, providing valuable experience in delivering engaging workshops and lectures.
  3. International exposure: Collaborating with international schools exposes the academic in residence to diverse perspectives, methodologies and educational systems, broadening their understanding of global academic practices.
  4. Personal fulfilment: Guiding and inspiring students in their academic journey brings personal fulfilment, adding a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the academic in residence's role.

Sign up now  

For further details and to sign up to become an academic in residence at a local international school, please contact: 

Dr Shelini Surendran, Associate Dean (International) and Associate Professor 

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

We are comprised of four schools working together under a 'One Health' vision, to provide interdisciplinary research and teaching in human and animal health.