Band B rooms

Our Band B accommodation consists of basic single rooms at Hazel Farm

Key facts

  • Number of rooms: 132 rooms at Hazel Farm
  • Single rooms: Yes ✓
  • Shared rooms: No ✗
  • En-suite shower: No ✗
  • Self-catered: Yes ✓
  • Broadband: Included ✓
  • Belongings insurance: Included ✓
  • Resident parking: Available ✓
  • Bus pass: Subsidised passes available
  • Approximate total room area: 8.4m²
  • Cost: £89 per week (academic year 2022/23)
  • Please note it is not possible to select to be allocated to a specific court or campus

Hazel Farm

Band B rooms at Hazel Farm are typically located in two-storey houses shared by six students. Most rooms have washbasins and each house has two showers and a kitchen/living room. Hazel Farm comprises purpose-built student housing about 5km from campus. Students are able to purchase a subsidised bus pass. Hazel Farm has parking spaces for residents only.

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