Share your story

One of the quickest and easiest ways to support Surrey is to tell us your story. What were your favourite memories of your time at university? Where are you now? What tips would you give students aspiring to work in your company or profession? 

We are currently seeking graduate case studies, articles and career blog posts to appear on the alumni website, course pages and marketing materials across the whole Surrey website.

What are we asking you to do?

If you would like to share your story, we'll ask you to answer a series of questions online or via email. 
These questions will touch on topics like:

  • Your favourite memories of Surrey
  • Advice for current students
  • How you benefited from your Professional Training year
  • What you find most enjoyable about your line of work
  • Your top tips for succeeding in your industry

You'll also need to provide a photograph to accompany your piece, if possible.

Complete the alumni profile questionnaire

If you would prefer to send us a story or photo by email please get in touch with us at

How will we use your profile?

Your profile article will be held in a searchable database on our website, which can be accessed by prospective and current students and alumni.

Your profile may also be used in recruitment materials and on the University course pages, as well as in our alumni magazine/newsletter. By submitting your profile, you're providing consent that we can use your content in this way. We may also contact you in the future, regarding other potential marketing uses.