Public engagement

One of the main objectives of ‘Life on the Edge’ is to engage the wider public and inspire the next generation of scientists. We have a full programme of outreach activities including workshops, competitions, talks and stands at science festivals to communicate this fascinating area of research to a broad audience.

Jim Meets... Series

These ‘Jim meets…’ events see Jim Al-Khalili interview a leading academic in front of a live audience and shared online.

Blue Sky Thinking Workshops

The workshops which we are running annually throughout the life of the research project, brings together world-leading scientists and philosophers discussing and speculating on fundamental problems in the foundation of physics, biology, and philosophy. Members of the ‘Life on the Edge’ team, along with other high-profile names, will take part in the workshops.


We kicked off with a virtual event in July 2022. The day was filled with exploratory and through-provoking academic talks from world leading experts in their field.


In 2023, we ran a two-day workshop at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This time, we added a public day for the UCLA community and general public, with a series of public talks, a panel discussion and ‘in-conversation’ event with Nobel Prize winner Andrea Ghez.

We were delighted with the line-up of science superstars who came together to support the event. These included; Andrea Ghez, Paul Davies, Steven Benner, Sara Walker, Nick Lane, and Nicole Yunger Halpern.

To watch any of the talks across the two days, please visit the 'From Physics to Life' YouTube playlist.

Educational video series

We have created an animated video series, written, and narrated by quantum physicist, best-selling author and broadcaster, Jim Al-Khalili.

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