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Our pan-university Centre brings together world-leading experts who can make an impact on the development of healthy 'whole life ageing', including the utilisation of fine arts interventions, age–inclusive hospitality, sleep specialisations, and the use of immersive and user-oriented technology.

CEA strategy

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Our mission

We are dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of ageing across the whole life course, promoting both the concept and the practice of healthy ageing for individuals and societies the world over, as well as promoting actions in key areas including health, education, science and mobility. To achieve these goals, we are focused on both multi and interdisciplinary ageing research that brings together experts from various fields, including social gerontology, psychology, economics, social policy, engineering, health and social care, biomedicine, industry, and others, to promote ageing research and knowledge exchange at Surrey.

Our goal

To make the University of Surrey’s Centre of Excellence on Ageing (CEA) a world-leading centre of excellence in whole life course ageing, with impactful outcomes at local, national and international level by 2025.

Our core pillars of activity

The CEA’s practical outputs rest on three core pillars, helping to refine and drive its overall ambition.

Research and innovation

Horizon scanning for funding to support research, innovation, commercialisation and impact.

Policy influence

Engagement with public audiences and decision-makers at a local, national and international level.

Capacity building

Teaching, training, and the creation of Fellows will facilitate the researcher pipeline.

Our strategy

In addressing the challenges of ageing, before and across life, the operation of the CEA is based on five overarching areas with strategic resonance at local, national and international levels:


Supporting the preparation and ratification of a new UN Convention on the Human Rights of the Older Person.


Providing advice to both public and private sectors on improving public measures on ageing across the whole life course, based on research-based evidence.


Strengthening relevant skills and competencies by offering training, particularly to older people, their families, public officials, and other professionals.


Working with stakeholders to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities related to ‘whole life course ageing’, including projects focused on improving the quality of life, participation and social inclusion of the elderly.


The establishment, growth and sustained impact of the CEA ensuring the promotion of research, teaching and capacity building, for and with key stakeholders across all sectors connected with whole-life ageing.

Our global approach

Global Initiative on Ageing (GIA) Centre of Excellence logo

By collaborating with the Global Initiative on Ageing (GIA) under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), Surrey is embracing a truly global approach to confront the challenges posed by an ageing population and the associated disparities. The CEA is aligned with the GIA’s mission of supporting the goals proposed by the UN in the Assembly of the Decade of Healthy Ageing, and the Sustainable Development Goals. With our collective knowledge, expertise, and commitment, we are confident that our efforts will not only positively impact lifelong health within our borders, but also help address the disparities that exist globally.