AGEDLGBT* - Ageing Diversity: LGBT* People, Housing and Long-Term Care

AgedLGBT* is the first European, comparative study of its kind. The overarching objective is to add value to existing national projects, giving a more European perspective and thus enhancing our understandings of LGBT* seniors.  

AgedLGBT *will compare and synthesize data from the research projects GLESA & GLEPA of the Alice Salomon University Berlin (D) and from SAFE Housing, Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender (CRAG), University of Surrey (UK). It will do this on two analytical levels: (1) the empirical, using appropriate qualitative analytic methods and (2) the theoretical level, using relevant theoretical concepts/ideas.

Key questions the project will address:

  • What similarities and differences exist between lesbian, gay and bisexual seniors, in terms of gender, sexuality and other identifiable sources of social division, such as social class, ethnicity and religiosity, in the data of the GLESA, GLEPA and SAFE projects?
  • In what ways, if at all, LGBT* seniors life course experiences, such as their experiences of discrimination, prejudice and/or resilience  appear in their choices regarding housing and long-term care facilities later in life?
  • What attributes and categorisations do LGBT* seniors give to different forms of housing, with or without care, later in life and what do they consider the consequences of these are?
  • What hypotheses can be developed from the data that can be used for the social simulation model experiment in WP III?
  • In what ways can biographical differences, as well as those associated with social divisions such as gender, gender identity, social class, ethnicity and religioisity be conceptualised in relation to LGBT* seniors housing preferences, experiences and choices.
  • What similarities and differences can be drawn from the concept of culturally sensitive care for LGBT* housing projects and those needing long term care?

 For more information please contact Dr Ralf Lottmann.

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