Sociology of Sleep Group

We have been carrying out research on sleep for nearly 20 years and the Sociology of Sleep Group has published widely on ageing, sleep and gender.

Our research

We provide a supportive and intellectually stimulating research environment, with a number of students currently undertaking their doctoral research within the group. Current research includes studies on 'sleep and recovery from addiction',  and 'sleep, ethics and social media'.

The interface of health, illness, crime and criminal justice

Our research includes studies of prisoner wellbeing and trajectories of use of 'legal highs'.

Podcast with visiting Professor Graham Scambler

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BBC News - Hi-tech dreamcatcher defeats sleep amnesia
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"We find that the subjective experiences of feeding children at school are infused with classed notions of motherin…
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Not sure where he pulled the Klinsmann celebration from - but he is happy
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It has been exactly 25 years since I first heard "what's going on" by the 4 non-blonds.

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