Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender

HomeSAFE study

Engaging and exploring LGBT*Q tenant experiences, concerns and preferences about social housing.

About the study

Little is known about the housing needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning (LGBT*Q) people, particularly with respect to social housing, however findings from a small scale research study completed in 2015 prompted concerns about landlord support for LGBT*Q tenants and possible landlord discrimination. The HomeSAFE study, commissioned by HouseProud and funded by 6 housing associations, aims to find out more about the experiences and views of LGBT*Q residents in relation to their home, their landlord and their neighbourhood.

The HomeSAFE study has so far used focus groups and interviews with LGBT*Q social housing tenants to collect information from people who live in social housing, i.e. accommodation which is owned and managed by a housing association or a local authority, to help identify the main issues being faced by LGBT*Q residents and to inform practical steps that landlords could take to address them.


A survey is also being conducted and is open until 31 December 2017. To complete the online survey, please visit HomeSAFE Survey or, to request a paper copy of the survey, please call Andrew King on 07895 656222. You will be given the option of being entered for a prize draw upon completing the survey. The winner, drawn at random on the 30 January 2018, will receive a £50 voucher.

Final report

The final study report and recommendations will be made available in February 2018 and the key findings will be disseminated through a number of channels, including a public engagement event and published on this website.