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We can't wait to welcome you to Surrey! You'll find information on our students page about accommodation and teaching, and guidance about Covid-19 and wellbeing on our advice for all page.

Updates from the Universities Minister

Letter for international students UCAS updates

Health and safety

What measures has the University put in place to ensure it is Covid secure?

We have developed comprehensive plans in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.  This includes:

  • asymptomatic testing – the University has an asymptomatic testing programme that all students can access
  • signage – we have Covid-secure signage – including wall and floor markers outlining social distancing requirements, one-way flows to reduce congestion and occupancy protocols in lifts, laboratories and teaching rooms
  • enhanced cleaning/hygiene protocols - we have installed over 200 disinfectant wipe dispensers in teaching areas, social spaces and large offices, and more than 450 perspex screens at many teaching lecterns, computer labs, catering facilities and reception points.

You can read the full details of the Covid-secure measures that we have implemented in the University Covid-19 health and safety policy.

Learning and teaching

What will learning and teaching look like from September?

The government’s roadmap out of lockdown gives us every reason to be optimistic about recovering from the pandemic over the coming months.

We hope that all restrictions will have been removed by September but, realistically, it is likely there will still be a level of uncertainty. We anticipate that we will return fully to campus as usual from September and will be preparing for this, while planning for other possibilities should there be any delays to the government’s roadmap.

Although students will be campus-based, we will continue to deliver our teaching via hybrid education from September 2021, building on the positive aspects of what we have done this year, while taking advantage of the relaxed restrictions to provide the best possible experience for students. 

Generally, this means continuing with most lectures delivered through captured content, while labs and tutorials will be timetabled for face-to-face delivery with the possibility of some social distancing protocols.

English language

Yes, we are still offering pre-sessional English courses. These courses are all online.

Although you will still need to meet our English Language requirements, please be aware that the University accepts a variety of English Language tests, SELT and non-SELT. Please view our English language requirements page for further information.

Please upload documents to Surrey Self-Service. The Admissions team will then verify your results with IELTS. If you are having technical issues let us know by emailing



Please be aware that changes to visa regulations which also affect your study. Please contact for all deferral requests.

Our website holds the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions.

If our website can’t answer your question, we recommend filling in our admissions enquiry form.

We also have a number of pre-departure webinars planned for international students with an offer from us, which you can book online.

Travelling to the UK

The UK Government has designated countries as green, amber and red and the rules depend on the designation of the country you are arriving from.  Details are outlined on the government website

No, vaccination is not mandatory.

Vaccination in the UK

Yes. Anybody aged 18 or over in the UK is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination for free, regardless of their nationality or immigration status.

If you have already received a vaccination in your home country, you should bring proof of the type of vaccine you have had with you.  Once you have registered with a doctor in the UK, they will be able to provide advice on whether you should have a further vaccine in the UK.

For more information about vaccinations, please see our students page.

Registration and arrival on campus

Yes, we will run a free Meet & Greet service on the following dates – 5 September, 7September, 14September, 15 September, 18 September, 8 October and 21 October. Bookings can be made via the welcome website


You should aim to arrive ahead of the induction week for new students, which begins on 20 September.  If you are an international student, you may wish to attend our international orientation programme which will take place on the 16and 17 September.


You should email and we will allocate you a room, subject to availability.  This early arrival is only available to students who need to self-isolate on arrival.  You may need to move room after you have completed the self-isolation.

If you are arriving from outside the UK, we will keep your room for you so long as you move in by 31 October. You will only be charged from the point that you move in.

No, we will provide your accommodation rent-free for the period of self-isolation if you are arriving from an amber list country.

Deposit refunds

We will refund your deposit if you are able to demonstrate that the Covid-19 pandemic means that you are unable to take up your place at the University of Surrey. This might be because you are unable to arrive in time to register due to travel restrictions. Requests will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and will be considered sympathetically.

Hotel quarantine

If you are completing your period of quarantine on a day that we are offering Meet & Greet airport pick-up you will be able to use the University’s transportation to travel from the airport to campus.

Please note that part of the fee that you pay for the quarantine hotel entitles you to free transportation back to the airport you arrived in once your quarantine is complete.

Even if the country you are travelling from is on the “red list” now, we would recommend that you book Meet & Greet for the day you are arriving in the UK. We will be contacting all students shortly before each of the advertised dates to confirm what the current guidance states and what the travel arrangements will be at that time.

Bookings for Meet & Greet can be made here:

We appreciate that many students are facing increased costs due to Covid. This includes covering the costs of hotel quarantine for students arriving from red list countries, which we appreciate is a significant expense, as well as the costs of PCR tests.

Many students have also been impacted by reduced employment opportunities. Although we are not providing funds specifically to cover the costs of hotel quarantine, we would encourage students to plan/budget for these additional costs and speak to their home government about any support that is available. If you do have financial concerns or would like to find out more information on budgeting, including how to work out your own budget, you can contact our Student Money Support Team at

Visas and CASs

The normal issuing deadline from our policy (two weeks before the registration deadline) will apply initially, and after that point we will only issue CAS to students who have a Late Registration Point.

After your late arrival is confirmed we will contact the Home Office to inform them that we have extended your arrival deadline to the 1st November 2021. We will also send you a letter that you can show at the UK border when travelling if you are asked for further details.

If you have not yet used your CAS when your late arrival is arranged please do not submit your visa application until we have added a sponsor note to your CAS to confirm your new arrival deadline. You will receive a separate email confirming when the sponsor note has been added.


For undergraduate programmes, we can defer unconditional firm offers for the majority of programmes, please check programme pages where this isn’t applicable.

For postgraduate taught programmes, where there is a February intake we can defer offers to this next start where there is capacity to. If you wish to join in September 2022 you will need to reapply.

For postgraduate research, we have a range of different start dates across the cycle which you can request to defer to. Please note your supervisor will also have to approve the request to defer and funding options/ scholarships may not be available able to be deferred.

Postgraduate research

Applicants may be able to defer their offer for up to one calendar year. Applicants still need to meet our entry criteria and fees for the year, which may be different from the original offer. Also note that it may not be possible to transfer studentship funding to the next academic year. Deferrals must also be agreed by the supervisor.

It depends on the scholarship you have been awarded, so please contact us at

The University is monitoring the situation carefully on an ongoing basis. Please continue to complete the application process as normal.

Postgraduate research students starting their programme in September 2021 must complete their registration with the University in person.

The decision about whether you then work from home or on campus will depend upon your specific research project and will be decided on a case by case basis with your supervisor.

Applications for postgraduate research are currently being processed as normal. If you have any questions about your application, please feel free to contact We are happy to help.

We are still recruiting postgraduate research students, so do continue to approach potential supervisors.

We are still recruiting postgraduate research students, so do continue to approach potential supervisors.

Yes. We are now accepting applications for visiting postgraduate researchers. More information is available in our application guidance.

Contact us

  • If you are an applicant:
  • If you are an agent: please contact the international team via
  • If you are a parent/guardian: unfortunately we cannot discuss the details of individual students with other parties, but do encourage any dependants you are responsible for to read the information provided by the University.