Your Faith and Belief

The University of Surrey is a vibrant multi-faith, multi-cultural community and a wonderful place to learn, teach and grow. People of every kind of faith and belief are respected for all they bring to University life.

For many, if not all, it will be a faith or belief perspective that makes sense of things, and gives shape, meaning and direction to life.

Life at Surrey gives an opportunity for the expansion of horizons, new experiences, discovery and exploration! You may wish to do this through faith and belief societies and/or through connecting with chaplains from different faiths.

Under Equality and Diversity legislation ‘Faith and Belief’ is a ‘protected characteristic’ meaning that not only is your faith or belief protected so that you will not be discriminated against, but also that you should be allowed to express your faith or belief and to grow and flourish in it. Your faith or belief can make a contribution to the diversity of life on campus.

One of the roles of chaplains is in advocacy and support if you feel that you are being discriminated against on grounds of your faith or belief. Please contact a chaplain should you need this support.

The University also has an Equality and Diversity Office that you may contact.

View the chaplaincy summer duty rota.

University Chaplaincy

The Chaplains are here to serve you and to help you access the support you need during your time at Surrey.

Contact for more information:

Muslim Chaplain

Husni Hammuda is the part time Muslim Imam to the University.

He can be contacted anytime for faith issues at

Tel: 07795 071250

Father Christodoulos

Greek Orthodox Chaplain

Father Christodoulos Christodoulou is the part time Greek Orthodox Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime at

Tel: 020 7228 4278  or M: 07595 531 523

Non-religious Chaplain

David Savage is the part time Non-religious Chaplain to the University. 

He can be contacted anytime at:

Tel: 07759 530493

Inter faith information


The Multi- Faith Chaplaincy team work together on interfaith projects throughout the year.


Buddhist Chaplain

Geoff Hunt is the part time Buddhist Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted at

Tel:  07741 281820

Jewish Chaplain

Alexander Goldberg is the part-time Jewish Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime (except Shabbat and Festivals) at

Tel: 07939 594212

Hindu Chaplain

Meeta Joshi is the part-time Hindu Chaplain to the University.

She can be contacted anytime at:

Tel: 07886 000509
People and places

People and places

The Anglican Chaplain and the Catholic Chaplain are both full time and work on campus. The other Chaplains work off campus in their professions and come onto campus for appointments with students and meetings etc.

John McCarthy

Catholic Chaplain

John McCarthy is the full time Catholic Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime at

Tel: 07870 277843

Sikh Chaplain

Bahadur Singh is the part-time Sikh Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime at

Tel: 07932 747377