Postgraduate research students

Take a look at what our postgraduate research students are researching.

Postgraduate research students

Hadi Abubakar Abba

Metakaolin-based geopolymer for ground improvement of tropical expansive black cotton soil

Aliyu Abdullahi

Towards digital twin technologies for structural integrity assessment of offshore wind turbines under long-term vibrations

Salihu Jarmajo Ahmed

Evaluation of waste-to-energy (WtE) in Bauchi Metropolis (Nigeria): A key component to comprehensive solid waste management

Ahmed Al-Oballi profile image

Ahmed Al-Oballi

Postgraduate Research Student

Aleem Aleem

Numerical modelling of different offshore wind turbine foundations

Sadra Amani profile image

Sadra Amani

Seismic design and analysis of offshore wind turbines

Precious Amori

Reclamation of mixed-wastewater by low-cost technologies for agricultural reuse

Francis Bangnira

Instream wood accumulation at bridges: Exploring drivers and modelling their effect in UK rivers

Yendle Barwise profile image

Yendle Barwise

Designing urban green infrastructure for enhanced air pollution mitigation

Paul Choularton

Postgraduate Research Student

Domenic Di Francesco

System effects in structural integrity management

Marine Diana profile image

Marine Diana

Hunting for bladder carcinogens

Obukho Esu profile image

Esu Esu

Postgraduate Research Student

Joe Hayward

Postgraduate Research Student

Jo Herschan profile image

Jo Herschan

Improving the management of small drinking-water systems

Christina Higgins profile image

Christina Higgins

Postgraduate Research Student

M Saleh Jalbi

Simplified design of offshore wind turbines supported on multiple foundations

Leonardo Yoshiaki Kamigauti

Postgraduate Research Student

Richard King

The review and update of sanitary inspections for small water supplies and the gauging of their impacts

Dr Abhijith Kooloth Valappil

Postgraduate Research Student

Nigel Lawton

The analysis of urban growth and surface permeability informed by Earth Observation data

Adela Martin

Postgraduate Research Student

Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed

Monitoring data analytics for smart infrastructure using advanced machine learning algorithm

Isa Mohammed

Postgraduate Research Student

Rana Moustafa

Postgraduate Research Student

Samuel Nkereuwem

Optimising structural elements containing hybrid fibre-reinforced concrete

Dr Oluwaseun Ogunleye

Analysis of geothermal energy utilisation in underground tunnels

Dr Isaac Olaniyi Olawoore

Study of thermal performance enhancement in geothermal energy pile

Carla Mae Pausta

Postgraduate Research Student

Oswaldo Alejandro Pellejer

Postgraduate Research Student

Sallu Pujeh profile image

Sallu Pujeh

Postgraduate Research Student

Dr Khosru Rahman

Postgraduate Research Student

Chia Sadik profile image

Chia Sadik

Postgraduate research student

Jeetendra Sahani profile image

Jeetendra Sahani

Postgraduate Research Student

Omidali Samavati profile image

Omidali Samavati

Rationalization of lattice spatial structures with emphasizing on minimisation of wasted material

Ashish Sharma profile image

Ashish Sharma

Mitigation of Air Pollution Exposure to Young Children (MAPE)

Joan Pauline Talubo profile image

Joan Pauline Talubo

Assessing island socio-ecological resilience for disaster risk and recovery planning in the Philippines

Arvind Tiwari profile image

Arvind Tiwari

Air pollutants transport modelling of nanoparticles in the urban environment

Mamatha Tomson profile image

Mamatha Tomson

Postgraduate Research Student

Ben Tonkin profile image

Ben Tonkin

Leaky barriers for Natural Flood Management: modelling their effectiveness to inform practice

Juan Torres-Batlló profile image

Juan Torres Batllo

Mapping historical hydrological changes in the lake Poopó catchment, Bolivia, with remote sensing

Pablo Jose Vallhonrat Blanco profile image

Pablo Vallhonrat Blanco

Robustness of bridge structures under extreme hydraulic actions

Yingyue Wei profile image

Vicky Wei

Postgraduate Research Student

Huaiwen Wu profile image

Huaiwen Wu

Healthy Aging Community Design Using Green Infrastructure

Chenmeng Zhang profile image

Chenmeng Zhang

Postgraduate Research Student

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