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Find out more about our core members, associates and alumni.

Founding Director

Prashant Kumar profile image

Professor Prashant Kumar

Co-Director, Institute for Sustainability, Professor and Chair in Air Quality and Health; Founding Director, Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE)

Core group members

Abigail Bristow profile image

Professor Abigail Bristow

Interim Head of School of Sustainability, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Shi-Jie Cao profile image

Professor Shi-Jie Cao

Visiting Professor

Sisay Debele profile image

Dr Sisay Debele

Research Fellow (OPERANDUM Project)

Alex Hagen-Zanker profile image

Dr Alex Hagen-Zanker

Associate Professor in Infrastructure Systems

Sarkawt Hama profile image

Dr Sarkawt Hama

Research Fellow (ASAP-Delhi project)

Gopinath Kalaiarasan profile image

Dr Gopinath Kalaiarasan

Research Fellow in Systems Thinking

Professor Matthias Ketzel

Visiting Professor (Senior Scientist, Aarhus University)

Charlotte Le Den

Charlotte Le Den

Projects Officer

Belen Marti-Cardona profile image

Dr Belen Marti-Cardona

Associate Professor (Reader) in Earth Observation and Hydrology

Professor Aonghus Mcnabola

Visiting Professor (Trinity College Dublin)

Lidia Morawska profile image

Professor Lidia Morawska

Vice Chancellor Fellow

Devendra Saroj profile image

Dr Devendra Saroj

Reader and Head of Centre for Environmental Health and Engineering (CEHE), Fellow of Institute for Sustainability, FEPS, University of Surrey Adjunct Faculty, CRDT, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

Erick Giovani Sperandio Nascimento profile image

Dr Erick Sperandio Nascimento

Associate Professor (Reader) in AI for Clean Air and Programme Lead of AI and Sustainability

Arvind Tiwari profile image

Arvind Tiwari

Research Fellow (CO-TRACE)

Postgraduate research students

Ho Yin Wickson Cheung profile image

Wickson Cheung

Postgraduate Research Student

Christina Higgins profile image

Christina Higgins

Postgraduate Research Student, Sustainability Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability

Soheila Khalili profile image

Soheila Khalili

Postgraduate Research Student

Jeetendra Sahani profile image

Dr Jeetendra Sahani

Postgraduate Research Student

Mamatha Tomson profile image

Mamatha Tomson

Postgraduate Research Student

Yingyue Wei profile image

Vicky Wei

Postgraduate Research Student

Huaiwen Wu profile image

Huaiwen Wu

Postgraduate research student, Sustainability Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability

Collaborative core group members

S Jitendra Pal

Collaborative PhD Researcher with IIT Delhi

Anant Ranapratap

Collaborative PhD Researcher with IIT Kharagpur

Core alumni group

Dr Vina Kukadia

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Hala Hassan

2020 Alumni

Dr Sachit Mahajan

2019 Alumni

Dr Jamilah Al-Mutairi

2017 Alumni

Anju Goel

2017 Alumni

Dr Aakash C Rai

2017 Alumni

Dr Ioar Rivas

2016 Alumni

Dr Sanjay Mukherjee

2014 Alumni

Associate group members

These are some of the academic members who are collaborating through joint projects, publications, PhD supervision, or on-going projects and proposals. The list is to be completed.

Tao Chen profile image

Professor Tao Chen

Professor in Chemical Engineering; Associate Dean (International)

Jonathan Chenoweth profile image

Dr Jonathan Chenoweth

Senior Lecturer, Director of Learning and Teaching for Environment and Sustainability

Boulent Imam profile image

Dr Boulent Imam

Associate Professor (Reader) in Civil Engineering

Matthew Leach profile image

Professor Matthew Leach

Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems

Mike Mulheron profile image

Dr Michael Mulheron

Reader in Construction Materials, Director of Learning and Teaching for Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Shirley Price

Academic Director

John F Watts profile image

Professor John Watts

Professor of Materials Science