Huaiwen Wu

Huaiwen Wu


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P. Kumar, R. A. Abbass, Francis Olawale Abulude, A. A. Adelodun, N. Aghamohammadi, M. F. Andrade, A. Asfaw, K. H. Aziz, D. M. A. Castañeda, S. J. Cao, P. deSouza, A. El-Gendy, B. R. Gurjar, B. T. Fankam, S. Hama, S. Jain, K. E. Kakosimos, A. A. Khan, M. Khare, R. Khaiwal, S. Kota, J. S. Larrahondo, A. McNabola, S. Mor, L. Morawska, A. S. Muula, A. C. Nardocci, A. V. Ngowi, T. Nogueira, Y. Olaya, K. Omer, P. Osano, P. Pant, N. Rojas, A. Salam, S. M. Shiva Nagendra, H. W. Wu (2022)Mitigating exposure to cooking emissions in kitchens of low-middle income homes University of Surrey

A guide for home occupants, owners, builders and local councils to reduce exposure to cooking emissions in low-middle income homes.