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Administrative staff

Liz Hamilton profile image

Liz Hamilton

Departmental Administrator (Wednesday PM, Thursday and Friday)

Mirjam Lytton-Lange profile image

Mirjam Lytton-Lange

Research Administrator (Tuesday - Friday)

Karen Oliver profile image

Karen Oliver

Departmental Administrator (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM)

Technical support staff

Charlotte Banting profile image

Charlotte Banting

Laboratory Technician

Tiberiu Lucaci profile image

Tiberiu Lucaci

Laboratory Technician (Construction Materials)

Ana Paula Mendes Emygdio profile image

Ana Paula Mendes Emygdio

Technical & Experimental Officer

Jorge Mendoza Ulloa profile image

Jorge Mendoza Ulloa

Experimental Officer

Marc Segura Alemany profile image

Marc Segura Alemany

Mechanical Testing Technician

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