Book a music studio

We are home to three music studios, each designed for different genres of music, with specialist equipment throughout. These are available for commercial and non-commercial hire.

Facilities available

Studio 1

Studio 1 is designed predominantly for recording 'classical' music, and is acoustically similar to a chamber concert hall.

Equipment includes a 48-channel Sony DMX-R100 console, Lexicon 480 reverberation, B&W Nautilus 801 monitoring, and the Pyramix digital recording and editing system. Hence, the control room can be used for recording to stereo or multitrack formats, for multitrack editing, or for mixing pre-recorded sessions.

Studio 2

Studio 2 has been designed predominantly for 'pop' recording. It is 60 square metres, which is sufficient to record as much as a large 20-piece big band.

Studio 3

Studio 3 is used primarily for mixing recordings made in the other studios. It also has an overdub room for adding additional parts to recordings, and has connections to all the other studios so that recordings can be made directly from any of these facilities.

Commercial bookings

Our studios can be hired for commercial use across the academic summer break, from 22 June - 25 September.


Rates for each room cover the cost of a recording assistant and use of instruments. We can recommend reliable engineers and producers to run your session, at an additional cost, which should be negotiated directly. Individual studio rates are available on request.

Make a booking

To enquire about a commercial booking, and our commercial rates, please contact DMM stores, detailing your recording requirements including:

  • Type of studio
  • Work
  • Engineer requirements
  • Nature of project
  • Size of project.

Non-commercial bookings

Recording sessions for non-commercial purposes can be booked during term time through one of our Tonmeister students. These sessions are free of charge but the student must be permitted to include the recording in their academic portfolio. The student engineers are still learning their craft and so whilst recordings are usually of a high quality we cannot guarantee a professional result.

Make a booking

To enquire about a non-commercial booking, please contact DMM stores, detailing your recording requirements including:

  • Style of music
  • Size of group
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Studio needs

Details will be passed to our students. Anybody interested will contact you directly.

Terms and conditions

You will be able to make use of the recording for free distribution or a small number of sales. If you wish to exploit the recording commercially beyond this, the University may ask for a fee for sound recording copyright clearance. This fee will depend on the intended duplication and distribution and must be negotiated with the programme leader of the Tonmeister course, via the student who made the recording.