TV studio

Our brand new £1.2-million facilities have been completed in 2023, including a new studio floor and sound stage with an operational height of 4m and over 120m2 in size in total.

The acoustics have been specifically designed for the sound stage with a floating concrete floor, acoustic treatment on all walls and ceiling and correctly specified acoustic doors. Our newly installed lighting grid houses the latest lighting technology from Arri and gives great flexibility to lighting design in the studio.

The production gallery is spaciously furnished with talkback and monitoring from all gallery positions for a professional production experience, and the latest Sound Control Room and Vision Engineering Control Room are well equipped to teach all the professional skills required for broadcast operation. The gallery areas have the function to remotely control productions across the campus, with fibre connections extending to the Performing Arts Technology Studios (PATS), University Hall, the PATS Field marquee and many other areas.