TV studio

Our TV studio is a fully-professional HD production facility, which was completely upgraded in August 2018.

Inside the studio

Studio room

  • Panasonic AG-UC3000 studio cameras with remote operator panels
  • Vinten studio tripods
  • Lighting by Kinoflo, Dedolight and ARRI
  • Autocue
  • Colour-matched on-set TV monitor
  • Sony, Countryman, AKG and Sennheiser microphones

Control room

  • ETC lighting desk
  • Sony MVS8000G Vision Mixer
  • Calrec Brio 36 with Hydra Stagebox
  • Merging Ovation sound playout system
  • Graphics by Adobe and DataVideo
  • RTS matrix talkback system
  • EVS XT2 Production Server with IP Director Gateway
  • Black Magic 40x40 router

Voice-over booth

  • Monitors for programme and autocue
  • AKG microphones

Edit room

  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Avid (Pro Tools and Media Composer)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Da Vinci Resolve grading software with Tangent panels
  • BlackMagic 4K I/O box
  • Apple and Sony monitors

Portable equipment

  • Panasonic AG-UX180 4k/UHD cameras
  • Sony F55 digital cinema camera with set of PL mount prime and zoom lenses
  • Sony F5 digital cinema cameras
  • Sony CineAlta Prime lens lit
  • Zoom lenses by Sigma
  • Miller tripods
  • Lighting by Arri, Dedolight and Rotolight
  • Rhino Sliders
  • Track and Dolly system
  • Glidecam stabilisers
  • Sennheiser and AKG microphones
  • Radio mics by Sennheiser
  • Portable stereo recorders by Tascam
  • Location 8 channel sound recorder by Sound Devices
  • Field monitors by Sony and JVC
  • Lockit box kits