1. Invited talk, GTC 2018 San Jose, USA
  2. Comminution 2018, Cape Town, South Africa
  3. ESCO 2018, Pilzen, Czech Republic.


  1. Hopper flow of irregularly shaped particles (non-convex polyhedra): GPU-based DEM simulation and  experimental validation Chemical Engineering Science Volume 188, 2018, Pages 34-51
  2. Large-scale GPU based DEM modeling of mixing using irregularly shaped particles, Advanced Powder Technology Volume 29, Issue 10,  2018, Pages 2476-2490
  3. Effect of particle shape in grinding mills using a GPU based DEM code, Minerals Engineering Volume 129, 2018, Pages 71-84.


  1. University of Surrey:  Introduction to GPU computing (9 November 2018)

The course covers the basics of scientific computing and how to write code which gives the best possible performance. An introduction to computer hardware. How to program for the GPU and identify algorithms that can be sped up on the GPU using C++ and Linux.

  1. Training on blaze-DEM software (13 November 2018)

This course introduces the software used and developed within DECRON to the university. Attendees will learn how to use the software to do DEMs simulations and how the input parameters affect GPU performance. The skills obtained in the training will help in understanding the structure of the code.

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