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ESRC IAA ‘Spotlight on Public Engagement’ 2024 

Sharing research findings through public engagement is becoming an essential career skill for academics. An effective way to raise your professional profile, it can also connect you with valuable stakeholders and showcase the impact your work has on society. 

Engaging with the public in creative and accessible ways establishes trust and credibility in your work, brings you closer to the challenges you’re trying to address, and enables you to hear alternative perspectives from end users. 

No matter what your skills, experience, motivations, or ambitions, getting involved in public engagement can deliver significant benefits to you, your research, and our wider society. 

In October and November 2024, you can receive funding to inspire and engage public audiences in new and creative ways, through the ESRC Festival of Social Science, and the AHRC Being Human Festival. To craft a stand-out event application, take advantage of the events being held in the ESRC IAA ‘Spotlight on Public Engagement’, with a range of workshops from some of the UK’s leading experts in KE and research communication. 

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