The Employability and Careers Centre, working closely with the Doctoral College and Researcher Development Programme teams, offers specific support for PostGraduate Research students (PGRs) and Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

Career Smart Framework

The framework has been designed to help you think about the activities that are involved in identifying the career you want to pursue, and making the first steps along the road to achieving that career.

Use the links on the right hand side to see the training and activitiesresourcessupport and opportunities that are available to you at the University, cross-coded with the framework "cheeses", to help you take positive control of your careers.


Take time out to understand yourself: reflect on, identify and learn to articulate your capabilities, expertise, values, motivations, personality and preferred working environment


Use your time at the University to explore the wide variety of career options available to you: research different jobs, sectors and organisations; attend sessions where you can meet and talk with people working in areas of potential interest to you; engage with programmes and placements to try out and skill-up for different types of working environments


Bring your research and thoughts together and make decisions about your next steps: create an action plan; find out about employment opportunities, use the experts on site to help you craft applications and excel at interviews


All the while, continue to develop your employability and career management skills and take control of your future: participate in professional/transferable skills training; grow your professional and support networks; develop your resilience and prepare for the change

Career Smart - Toolkit

Breaking down the big question into a subset of smaller, more addressable, questions:

  • What is the job I want?
  • How do I find/create the job I want?
  • How do I get invited in to interview/pitch?
  • How do I get offered the job/investment money?
  • Is this actually going to be the job I want?

the toolkit is a suite of exercises and resources (being developed and published in the Doctoral College Common Room for you to undertake at your own pace to help you explore and answer these questions

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