Making a difference

Invited lectures and presentations

Gatersleben, B., et al. (2020). People and nature in a pandemic; studying nature engagement pre-during and post Covid-19. Invited Keynote presentation at the fourth Conference on Environmental Psychology in Norway - November 2020. 

Gatersleben, B. & Scarles, C. (2021). Women, nature and wellbeing. Presentation to Department for Health & Social Care for International Women’s Day – “Women, nature and wellbeing”, March 2021

Gatersleben, B. (2019). Into the Wild – Stimulating young minds in the Surrey Hills. Surrey Hills Symposium

Gatersleben, B. (2019). How can we encourage behavioural change in our residents? – inspiring action (discussion panel member). Green Government Conference – London 2 July.

Gatersleben, B. (2019). The healing benefits of nature. RHS-NHS Conference at Chelsea Flower Show.

Gatersleben, B. (2017). Is nature relaxing or is the built environment boring? British Environmental Psychology Society, Annual conference, London, UK. Invited Keynote.

Gatersleben, B. (2017). Danger and restoration in nature. International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP), a Coruňa, Spain.

Gatersleben, B. (2016). Promoting sustainable lifestyles; is it a moral challenge? 24th IAPS conference, Lund, Sweden. Invited keynote

Jones, C.R., Kaklamanou, D. & Lazuras, L. (2017). Energy security in Greece and Turkey: The importance of pro-environmental and pro-cultural orientations in shaping public concern. International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP), a Coruňa, Spain.

Jones, C.R. & Whittle, C. (2017). Identifying predictors of intentions to use a home energy management system (HEMS) in the UK. WholeSEM annual conference, London, UK. Invited speaker.

Jones, C.R. & Olfe-Kraeutlein, B. (2016). Lay perceptions of Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) technologies. 14th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (ICCDU), Sheffield, UK. Invited keynote.

Jones, C.R., Olfe-Kraeutlein, B., & Kaklamanou, D. (2016). Lay perceptions of Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) technologies in the UK and Germany: A qualitative interview study. Society for Risk Analysis: Europe, Bath, UK

Uzzell, D.  (2017) Behavioural Spillover: Carbon-Reduction and the Home-Work Relationship,Going Green Working Group, BPS Division of Occupational Psychology.

Uzzell, D (2017) Designing the Experience / The Experience of Design: A View from Environmental Psychology, Symposium, School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University.

Uzzell, D. (2016) Where is the Environment in Environmental Psychology? BrEPS Annual Conference, University of Surrey, UK.

Uzzell, D. & Rathzel, N. (2016) Investigating Transnational Corporations: Barriers to Energy Saving Practices in the Production of Oil and the Construction of Vehicles, 3rd Energy and Society Conference, Leipzig, Germany.

Wyles, K. (2017). What a waste: The human dimension of marine litter. BRLSI World Affairs Talk, Bath, UKInvited speaker.

Wyles K. (2017) Correlations between Human and Environmental Health. South Carolina Aquarium Plastic Pollution Summit, Charleston, USA. Invited co-moderator.

Wyles, K., Hattam, C., White, M., Pahl, S., & Austen, M. (2016). Understanding the importance of nature: Does it influence how restorative an environment can be? International Association of People-Environment Studies Conference (IAPS), Lund, Sweden

Wyles, K., & Pahl, S. (2014). Social science and microplastics. International Symposium on Source, Fate, and Effects of Microplastics in the Marine Environment, Busan, South Korea. Invited speaker.