Work with us


Local policy and planning

Over the years we have worked with local authorities on a range of people-environment issues in the areas such as waste management, transport policy, and urban planning.

Examples include:

Waste policy

  • Testing interventions to encourage recycling of food waste - Surrey County Council.
  • Testing effect of comparative feedback to encourage recycling – Guildford borough council.


Transport policy

  • Examining the influence of cycling infrastructure on cycling uptake - Surrey County Council
  • Air quality monitoring and low emission zones in Guildford – Guildford Borough Council
  • Studying conflict on shared routes – Surrey County Council

National and international environmental policy

We have worked with and for government in a range of capacities producing policy reports and providing talks and consultancy work. This work has directly and indirectly influence policy making.

Examples include:

  • DEFRA behaviour change report
  • All party parliamentary group on prosperity without growth
  • Policy talks and briefing documents
  • Advising governments and international groups on microplastics 

Civil society

We have worked with a wide range of NGOs and are continuing to do so to support their work and enable them to provide more effective intervention strategies.

Examples include:

  • We have established close links with organisations such as the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) at Wisley and SWT to support their activities promoting gardens and wellbeing.
  • We are working with Global Action Plan (an international environmental charity) to support and evaluate their large scale international project for young people which aims to encourage more sustainable healthy lifestyles.
  • Working closely with organisations to understand the benefits of clean-up activities, including the Marine Conservation Society and Keep Britain Tidy.


We work with business to support their work and provide better more effective evidence based projects.

Examples include: