Inclusive education

At Surrey, our student population is as diverse as ever. And so naturally, the way we each learn can be incredibly different. 

Inclusive education ensures that learning, teaching and assessments allows all students to fulfil their potential. 

What do we mean by inclusive education?

Every student, regardless of background, has the right to feel respected and included.

Our inclusive teaching ethos benefits all students because it values everyone's individual strengths and contributions. It makes students' learning experiences richer – differing views and experiences are a good thing in a learning environment as they lead to a more critical understanding of a subject. 

Inclusive teaching also challenges our teaching staff to rethink what and how they teach and widen the materials used on any subject. 

        Our approach

        At Surrey, our approach to inclusive teaching focuses on: 

        1. Ensuring a range of perspectives feature in our curriculum  
        2. Inclusive teaching practices 
        3. Inclusive teaching with technology 
        4. Ensuring our assessment and feedback are inclusive 

        Find out more

        To find out more about inclusive teaching at Surrey, please contact our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion team: