How we support religious life and belief equality

We strive to create spaces for our staff and students to have professional, academic and personal support. There are a range of options to engage with including wellbeing sessions and activities run throughout the academic year.

College of Chaplains

Through our Office for Religious Life and Belief – which houses the College of Chaplains – we aim to create a pluralistic learning and working environment, which:  

  • Provides for the pastoral care and spiritual wellbeing of staff and students
  • Builds community and support communities on campus
  • Ensures good community relations are developed 
  • Develops faith and belief literacy.

Our chaplains

The Religious Life and Belief Centre is home to all our spiritual, faith and belief communities on campus. It is run by a team of 26 people including 16 Chaplains (Faith and Belief Workers) from eight faiths and the humanist tradition.

We are here to listen to personal issues, bereavement support, questions of personal identity and faith/belief.

We also have a number of Chaplains who have expertise in couples counselling, domestic abuse issues and intersectional issues such as those experiencing different forms of racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and homophobia.

We are also there to direct our community to places of worship, dietary needs or timetabling issues related to faith matters.