6:30pm - 8pm BST

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Transition towards a circular economy: The case of the Metropole region Amsterdam

University of Surrey
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The organisers were delighted to welcome the University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor G Q Max Lu, Provost Professor Michael Kearney and Professor Jonathan Seville, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, to the event.

The Roland Clift Lecture Series welcomed Jacqueline Cramer, Professor in Sustainable Innovation at Utrecht University. Professor Cramer addressed the challenges of transitioning towards a ‘circular economy’ (an economic and industrial system based on reusing products and raw materials) using the Amsterdam region as a case study. Her main message was that the circular economy provides significant opportunities for economic, environmental and social benefits but in order to grasp these opportunities we all need to take responsibility and work together to make the transition.

Take a look at Professor Jacqueline Cramer's presentation (PDF).

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