11am - 11:30am

Tuesday 2 October 2018

AI commercialisation

Deep learning has greatly improved the accuracy of AI applications.


University of Surrey
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  • Dr Eduard Vazquez


Eduard Vazquez

Eduard Vazquez received his PhD in Computer Vision from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2010). Eduard has 9 years’ experience on commercialising a variety of methods for medical imaging, retail, manufacturing and real-time video analytics. He has 3 years’ experience as a consultant on AI. His main focus as a Director of Research at Cortexica Vision Systems is to understand and explain the gap between theoretical research and the technology that can be effectively applied.


Deep learning has greatly improved the accuracy of AI applications. This fact has triggered a great commercial interest along with an exponential growth on investment in this field. Nevertheless, some meaningful challenges exist when commercialising AI. For instance, and most remarkably, the distance between expectations and reality seems to be growing at a similar speed than that of investment. This talk tries to highlight some of the impediments that AI is facing nowadays from a purely practical perspective.

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