12 noon - 1pm
Wednesday 21 April 2021

Digital Disruption Series: Takeaway without Throwaway: Disrupting plastic packaging with reuse schemes

Join us at the next Digital Disruptor Webinar as we discuss the state of re-use schemes as one solution to avoid single use packaging.


University of Surrey
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Takeaway without Throwaway: Disrupting plastic packaging with reuse schemes | University of Surrey


The webinar discussion points will include:

  • How big is the trend to reuse packaging?
  • Where are we now with regards to the goal of reducing/avoiding plastic packaging? Has the pandemic slowed it down?
  • Do you think it will recover or even be stronger afterwards due to a stronger environmental awareness? 
  • What are the main benefits of reusing packaging, obviously for the environment for consumer, for companies? 
  • What are the most promising re-use schemes?
  •  What are the barriers of e.g. restaurants to adopt re-use schemes?
  • What are the barriers on the consumer side? How do providers try to overcome these barriers, how can these schemes signal safety? 
  • How is the packaging world going to look like in 10 years?

Professor Sabine Benoit will be joined by Annette Lendal, Senior Research Analyst at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Jo Liang, Co- Founder of Cauli-Box.


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