4pm - 5pm

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Supersymmetric de Sitter solutions in D=11 supergravity

A seminar in the Fields, Strings, and Geometry Group research seminar series.

39/40 AA 04
University of Surrey
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We determine the necessary and sufficient conditions for warped product dSn solutions, n ≥ 5 to preserve supersymmetry in D = 11 supergravity. We prove that for n ≥ 7, all such solutions are flat, with vanishing 4-form. We also show that the only warped product dS6 solutions are either the maximally supersymmetric AdS7 × S4 solution, or R1,6 × N4 where N4 is hyperKähler, with vanishing 4-form. We also fully classify all supersymmetric warped product dS5 solutions. The 6-dimensional internal space is shown to be a warped product S1 ×w S1 ×w M4, where M4 is conformal to a hyperKähler manifold. Furthermore, we prove that if the 4-form is parallel, then M4 admits a hyperKähler potential.