Thursday 22 June - Friday 23 June 2023

Turing Network – AI in Tax, Audit and Fintech workshop

The workshop aims to match digital innovation in tax administration with principles and mechanisms to protect both users and the reliability of outputs.

Oak House (3rd floor)
University of Surrey
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The use of digital technologies in tax and financial services has come far over the last ten years while there has been little attention on how it empowers and impacts a diverse society. The workshop will bring together experts in tax administration, fintech, economic policy design, machine learning, AI, early career researchers and PhD students.

It is co-organized by Queen Mary University of London (Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Institute of Tax Law), University of Exeter (Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC)) and the University of Surrey (Surrey Institute for People-Centred Artificial Intelligence, Surrey Law and Technology Hub, Sustainable and Explainable Fintech Centre, Surrey Business School).


Day 1

Panel 1 - The role of digital technology in tax administration

9am to 10:45am

  • The role of digital technology in tax administration - Santiago Díaz de Sarralde and Marcio F. Verdi
  • Tax Administration and Taxpayer Compliance in the Digital Transformation of Tax Systems - Rhodah Nyamongo
  • Maturity level of French tax departments' digitalisation - Emmanuelle Deglaire
  • Use of AI in Irish Revenue - Eamon Kelleher
  • Panel discussion

10:45am to 11am


Panel 2 - Principles and standards

11am to 12:45pm

  • Tax Administration: Principles and standards - Stephen Daly
  • The value and limits of eXplainable AI for tax - Błazej Kuzniacki
  • Digitalization Challenges and Emerging Implications of AI in Tax Administration - Joshua Aslett
  • The outstanding legal questions with regard to the use of AI by tax administrations and the interdisciplinary approach to tackle these legal questions - Sylvie De Raedt
  • Panel discussion

12:45 to 13:45


Panel 3 - Using AI to advance administration and policy

13:45 to 15:30

  • Towards the Digital Transformation of Tax with Artificial Intelligence – Overview and One Example on Transfer Pricing - Alexander Beuther
  • Deus Tax Machina: The use of artificial intelligence by tax administrations in the EU and its implications for tax procedure and taxpayers' fundamental rights - David Hadwick
  • AI-driven decision making in tax administrations – Opportunities and risks - Christina Dimitropoulou (online)
  • Panel discussion

15:30 to 15:45


Panel 4 - Using AI to advance administration and policy

15:45 to 17:30

  • AI ethics and innovation at HMRC - Anna Kwiatkowska and Matthew Vick
  • Using AI to advance administration and policy - Apostolos Boutos
  • Forecasting daily and monthly tax revenue using artificial neural networks – a case study in Bahia, Brazil - Erick Sperandio
  • Panel discussion



Day 2

Panel 5 - The impact of AI tools on practice

9:00 to 10:45

  • Professionally Responsible Artificial Intelligence - Michael Hatfield
  • AI – a technology for good - Steve Barr
  • LegalTech - Akber Datoo
  • Panel discussion

10:45 to 11:00


Panel 6 - Using AI to advance administration and policy

11:00 to 12:45

  • AI as Policymaker and Silicon as Social Lab: Modern Techniques for Policy Planning and Implementation - Zachary Kessler (online)
  • Some examples of the use of machine learning to improve tax administration - Alessando Santoro (online)
  • Predictive justice in tax courtrooms - Vasiliki Koukoulioti and Luisa Scarcella
  • Panel discussion

12:45 to 13:30


Panel 7 - Taxing AI and cryptocurrencies

13:30 to 15:00

  • The current state of digital asset taxation - Ben Lee
  • Taxation of Crypto Assets: Challenges for Tax Authorities - Nigar Hashimzade
  • Panel discussion

Full programme information

View the full programme (PDF) for information including abstracts.


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