11am - 11:50am DST

Friday 19 April 2024

"A Review of Computer Vision Models for Pig Production" and "From Surveillance to Control: A Modelling Framework for Disease Management

This Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology seminar will feature two short talks from modellers working in the School of Veterinary Medicine.


39AA04 and on Teams (please email a.skeldon@surrey.ac.uk if you would like to join and do not have the calendar invite)
University of Surrey
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11:00-11:15 Fred Freeth (School of Vet Med)

Title: A Review of Computer Vision Models for Pig Production

Abstract: African Swine Fever (ASF) is a deadly viral haemorrhagic disease affecting both domestic and wild pigs and boar and is prevalent in many countries across the globe. With no known cure or vaccine and a near 100% mortality rate, it poses significant risks to the pork production industry, disrupting local and large economies which contributes to food insecurity and sustainability issues. This project discusses the performance of several computer vision models with different capabilities on a real-world dataset from industry stakeholders in the United States with a discussion on future model development.

11:25 – 11:40 Mahbod Entezami (School of Vet Med)

Title: From Surveillance to Control: A Modelling Framework for Disease Management

Abstract: This presentation demonstrates how surveillance data, when integrated with transmission modelling, can produce setting-specific forecasts. I will discuss two pivotal modelling frameworks: geostatistical modelling and disease transmission modelling. By synergizing these approaches, we can enhance the granularity of forecasts concerning the cost and efficacy of interventions. The projects highlighted will showcase the practical applications and benefits of this integrated modelling framework in disease control efforts.

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