Published: 17 February 2017

New techniques in contemporary guitar writing

The University of Surrey is home to the International Guitar Research Centre (IGRC), a hub for guitar music, research and practice. In the last decade, academics Professor Steve Goss and Dr Milton Mermikides have led the development of new techniques, in particular the innovative use of acoustic resonance.

Practice-based research outcomes in the forms of compositions have been used to created artwork and have been recorded on Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, Telarc, Naxos, and Virgin Classics. The compositions have been performed internationally by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, and have been utilised by renowned musicians such as John Williams, Xuefei Yang, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Russell, and Miloš Karadaglić.

Providing a new form of artistic and musical expression, the research has advanced and influenced contemporary practice of modern guitar repertoire. This has had a significant educational impact within the musical community shaping conservatoire learning and inspiring recital content. The techniques have also been performed in hundreds of concerts and broadcast internationally, enriching cultural life and economic prosperity.

To find out more, visit the International Guitar Research Centre website.

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