Published: 19 January 2017

A week in the life of a postgraduate electronic and electrical engineering student

MSc Space Engineering student Akash Yalagach shares a typical week for him as a postgraduate student at Surrey.

University of Surrey postgraduate space engineering student Akash


The following timetable is a personal example - for the latest module information, visit the MSc Space Engineering programme page.



1pm to 2pm - Space Systems Design Lecture

2pm to 5pm - Space Robotics lecture

"Typically wake up by 8am and get working on assignments/coursework between 9:30am to 12:30 am. Monday evenings are the ones where I have leisure time for cooking with friends and doing some reading."



"No lectures on this day of the week! I use this day off to work on coursework in groups at the library. This is the day where most of the work on coursework gets done!"

6pm to 8pm - Fitness session by Karate club

"Though the day starts a little late since there are no lectures, I spend half of the day in the Library reading and working on coursework. Surrey has amazing sports facilities and various clubs. You can start learning a new sport or continue working on the sport you used to play. I re-started my karate journey here at Surrey after 9 years!"



10am to 12pm - Space Avionics lecture

12pm to 4pm - Quick lunch and do some prior reading for Russian Classes

4pm to 6pm - Russian language class

8pm to 10pm - British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Training at Karate Club

10:30 pm - Get home, dinner and hit the bed!

"Surrey provides the wonderful opportunity of learning a new language for free through its Global Graduate Program. You just need to be eager to learn a new language and find some time for it."



10am to 12pm - Space System Design lecture

12pm to 1pm - Space Dynamics and Missions lecture

2pm to 4pm - Get to the Space Dynamics lab and work on its coursework

4pm to 5pm - Assistance from lecturer on the coursework in the lab

5pm to 6pm - Space Dynamics problem solving session

6pm to 8pm - Coursemates meetup at Wates House and talk about courses and chill out. Thursday is the informal weekend for our coursemates!

8pm to 10pm - Traditional Karate class

"Thursday is my busiest day of the week, as it covers lectures, coursework, lab, social meet-up and karate class. Also, this is the day where we used focus mainly on Space Dynamics and Missions, with implementing the things learnt in lectures to solve near real-life spacecraft dynamics problems through coding in Matlab."



12pm to 1pm - Space Avionics Lab

1pm to 2pm - Space Dynamics and Missions lecture

"Space avionics lab provides an opportunity to work on simulating the spacecraft computer hardware on a PC, code and work on its coursework as well."


Surrey Space Centre

"The major advantage of doing space engineering at Surrey is its active Space Centre. We had couple of visits by the lecturers of Space Avionics and Space Robotics. We had an opportunity to actually look at an active spacecraft ground-station and the data streaming in from a spacecraft flying overhead. The visit to the robotics labs gave a glimpse of how real-life robotics missions are undertaken by Surrey. As a student you can visit the Space Centre anytime by booking an appointment with a lecturer."


Campus life

"Surrey offers numerous clubs and societies which open to explore, learn new skills, make friends and have fun! You just need to find your interest and time to get started. It has one of the biggest sports park with amazing facilities. You can get very busy that you reach back to your room late every night after all lectures and society activities. There are various places on-campus to eat and drink. I always had quick lunch at Simply Fresh. Occasional dinner from PizzaMan. You can also grab quick coffee from many coffee vending machines spread across the buildings. Also, the Students union offers wonderful day trips that hardly cost you on your pockets."


City life

"Guildford is a quiet town and I like it that way. Though there are few clubs and places to go to, you can never be bored of its serene river. Also, London is just 33 minutes away. You feel home-sick, get to London and it has all the world cuisine. You can find your national food/cuisine which will drive away your home-sickness.

"Overall, I would like to say that there are various things that can be done while studying at Surrey. You just need to squeeze in the time to cover most of the events!"


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