The Marion Redfearn Studentship Award 2020

Marion Redfearn bequest to the University of Surrey for a trust to allow female postgraduate students to gain a postgraduate qualification involving physics, chemistry, maths, or electrical engineering.

Start date
1 October 2020
Application deadline
Funding information

Full tuition fees at the UK/EU rate and stipend at the UKRI rate, currently £15,009 for 2019/20. 

Funding source
The scholarship is 50% funded by the Marion Redfearn Trust and 50% by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.


Marion Redfearn studied Chemistry at Cambridge and followed with a career in the Chemistry Department at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories (CERL) in Leatherhead, Surrey. After a lifelong career in a profession dominated by men, Mrs Redfearn made a bequest to the University of Surrey for a trust to allow female postgraduate students to gain a postgraduate qualification involving physics, chemistry, maths or electrical engineering.

The award

This studentship will cover tuition fees at the UK/EU rate and a maintenance allow, known as a stipend, based on the UKRI minimum stipend level (pro rata for part-time students). Stipend rates are set at the UKRI minimum level in force at the time the studentship is awarded. Rates are revised annually; the current stipend is £15,009 per annum (please see the UKRI website for updates).

Eligibility criteria

The 2020 competition will be open to new and existing PGR students that satisfy the eligibility criteria set out below

  • Be a female* postgraduate born in the UK
  • Have at least one degree gained at a university in the UK to at least to the level of a 2.1 degree, or alternatively a 2.2 and a merit or distinction at Master’s degree level
  • Have demonstrated academic merit in the past and, in the opinion of the reviewing committee, be capable of demonstrating academic merit in the future
  • Be accepted on a PhD programme in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Electronic Engineering as a part-time or full-time student on 1st October 2020.
    *applicants who self-identify as female, at the time of registration, may apply.


    Where an applicant does not have home fee status, funding arrangements will be considered at the committee’s discretion. The Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences may be expected to underwrite sufficient match funding to cover any additional costs associated with the overseas element of tuition fees for the whole period of study.

How to apply

1. Identify and speak to a prospective supervisor 

Within the School/Department pages above you will find links to the academic staff lists. Use the lists to identify a prospective supervisor and contact them to discuss your project before submitting an application. You should also discuss the necessity for match funding for this Scholarship with your supervisor and the PGR Director.

2. Apply for a place on a PhD course 

Once you have discussed your project with a prospective supervisor you will need to apply for a place on a PhD course. To apply for a place, please look at our course listings for a relevant programme and follow the online application process.

Relevant courses include:

The deadline for applying for a place is 16:00 GMT on 14 February 2020.

3. Prepare a studentship application​​​

​​​​​Your prospective supervisor will advise you if you should apply for a MRT studentship. If you are selected to apply you will need to complete the following application procedure:

(a)   The application form and supporting papers

Applications must be made on the Marion Redfearn Trust application form  which is also available from the Doctoral College website. Please complete and return the form to by 16:00 GMT Friday 14 February 2020.

Please note that the application form must not be amended in any way.

No additional papers should be attached to the application except:

  • a one-page reference for candidates
  • further details of any overseas qualifications
  • HEAR transcript, for UK students where applicable
  • Degree Certificate(s)
  • Copy of the photo-ID page of your passport.

Any other pages attached to the form will not be circulated to the assessment panel.

(b)   Timetable and process

Each application will be regarded as an application by the Department rather than by the proposed student. Faculties are therefore required to receive applications for all their potential students and each application must be approved by the relevant Head of Department. Each application must also be accompanied by a reference from the candidate’s current or previous Department and the application form should be signed by the student (an electronic signature will be accepted).

Applications must reach the secretary of the Marion Redfearn Trust Advisory Committee, Doctoral College by 16:00 GMT on 14 February 2020. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

The applications will be considered by an internal Faculty panel and ratified by the Marion Redfearn Trust Advisory Committee. Marion Redfearn Advisory Committee comprise the Vice-Provost of Research and Innovation, Academic Director of Student Progression and Learning Gain, Director of the Doctoral College and the Head of Financial Accounting.

4.  Criteria for assessing applications   

The attention of all parties – proposed students, supervisors, Faculty authorities and the reviewers – is drawn to the criteria used for assessing applications. These criteria are emphasised on the application form and are set out below:

  1. the excellence of the proposed student, as evidenced by:
  • qualifications
  • prizes
  • other marks of esteem, and
  • evidence of research potential
  • successful completion of the PhD confirmation review (existing students only)
  1. the applications fit with the research strategy of the University  
  2. the funding package proposed and evidence of any match funding should cover:
  • any additional costs associated with the overseas element of tuition fees for the whole period of study
  • the UK/EC fees for at least 18 months
  • maintenance allowance.  

5.  Announcement of Awards  

Once the Advisory Committee have completed their assessment the Committee Secretary will distribute the results of the competition.

Thereafter, the Committee Secretary will contact the supervisors, copying in the relevant Faculty representatives and Executive Deans of Faculty.

Where appropriate, the offer of an award to the successful applicant will be subject to the student’s examination results, or to other conditions specified by the Advisory Committee.

The successful applicant will be given one month to accept the offer. At the end of this period, the offer will be withdrawn. The supervisor should make sure that the proposed student is contactable during the period when an award might be offered.

A reserve list of scholarship nominees will be maintained for a period of six months in case the successful applicant is unable to take up the studentship or fails to respond to the offer within the specified time scale.


6.  Conditions of research scholarships

The full details of the conditions of tenure of the Research Scholarships will be made available when any award offer is made.

Generally, the terms and conditions of the award are expected to be the same as those for UKRI studentships.

Application deadline

Contact details

Applications and enquiries about the Marion Redfearn Trust at the University of Surrey Research Scholarship should be email to:


Secretary to the Marion Redfearn Trust Advisory Committee

Doctoral College

University of Surrey


Surrey GU2 7XH


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