Call for papers

All who are interested in shell and spatial structures including engineers, architects, educators, researchers and practitioners are invited to participate in the conference. The language of the conference is English. 

Key dates

  • Abstract submission - Postponed until 2021 (dates to be announced)
  • Abstract acceptance - Postponed until 2021 (dates to be announced)
  • Full paper submission - Postponed until 2021 (dates to be announced)
  • Full paper acceptance - Postponed until 2021 (dates to be announced)

Abstract submissions

    How to submit your abstract

    Submissions must be uploaded to the Symposium’s Easychair website for review by following the instructions on how to make a submission. Please note that abstract submissions should follow the provided abstract template guidelines (Word Doc).

    If you are applying for the Hangai Prize, please submit your one-page abstract via the same procedure as described above and check the 'Abstract for Hangai Prize application' option at the 'Other Information and Files' box. The deadline for this is 15 June 2020.

    Find more information regarding the Hangai prize.

    Please note: Individuals are limited to a maximum of two accepted papers per registration.

    Peer review

    All one-page abstracts will be subject to peer review by members of the Symposium’s Scientific Committee. Authors of submitted abstracts that are accepted after the peer review process are guaranteed participation in the IASS 2020/21 Surrey 7 Symposium if they submit correctly formatted full papers and have a valid registration.

    Full paper submissions

    Full paper submissions have been postponed to 2021 (dates to be confirmed). You can find the full paper template (docx) and copyright agreement (docx) in preparation of submitting.

    Confirmed organised sessions

    Session Organiser
    21st century fabrication and construction of shells IASS WG 5, Sigrid Adriaenssens and Philippe Block
    Tension and membrane structures: Recent developments in and around the United Kingdom IASS WG 6, Ken'ichi Kawaguchi, Marijke Mollaert and Sudarshan Krishnan
    High-performance membrane buildings and challenges Wujun Chen and Jianhui Hu
    Metal gridshell structures, connections, and stability ASS WG 8, Toru Takeuchi, Su-duo Xue, Shiro Kato, Charles J. Gantes and Carlos Lazaro
    Dynamic response of metal spatial structures IASS WG 8, Su-duo Xue, Toru Takeuchi, Shiro Kato, Charles J. Gantes and Carlos Lazaro
    Bio-based concepts inspiring the spatial structures and architecture of the next generation IASS WG 12, Minjuan He and Andreas Falk
    Formian in the design activity of architects and engineers Janusz Rębielak and Koichiro Ishikawa
    Optimisation methods for analysis and design of roof structures IASS WG 13, Ruoqiang Feng and Makoto Ohsaki
    Next generation parametric design IASS WG 13, Jeroen Coenders
    Transformable structures IASS WG 15, Niels de Temmerman
    Conservation and preservation of 20th century historic concrete shells Marisela Mendoza and John Chilton
    Life-cycle design and assessment of structures IASS WG 18, Olivier Baverel and Corentin Fivet
    Tactile strategies for teaching spatial structures IASS WG 20, Olga Popovic Larsen and S. Alireza Behnejad
    The future of structural design - symbiosis in architecture and structural engineering Lars De Laet and Klaas De Rycke

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    Please email the conference team with any questions.