Over the past six decades we have organised and taken part in a wide range of events – from major international conferences to small workshops.

Workshops and conferences

International Conference on Spatial Structures

We organised the first International Conference on Space Structures in 1966, and these have since taken place every nine years at the University of Surrey, attracting hundreds of engineers and architects from countries around the world. The first conference brought together over 700 participants from 44 different countries, the second around 400 engineers from 51 countries, the third over 500 from 63 countries, and the fourth and fifth over 400 participants each. In 2011 this series was combined with an IABSE-IASS event in London.

Pioneers’ Award

Since 1984, the Spatial Structures Research Centre has recognised and honoured people who have made a significant contribution to the field of spatial structures with a Pioneers’ Award. This special award has traditionally been presented at each of the International Conferences on Spatial Structures, held at the University of Surrey.