Case studies

Saving patients' lives with mathematics

Using an ECG signal to detect sepsis in patients.

  • Academic: Dr Philip Aston 
  • Partner: King's College London and Data Sciences International

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Ensuring compliance

Developing an international finance compliance regulator.

  • Academic: Dr Bogdan Vrusias
  • Partner: Technotomy Ltd

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Hyperuniform disordered materials

Flexible plaftorms for photonic integrated circuits.

  • Academic: Dr Marian Florescu
  • Partner: Etaphase Inc. (USA)

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Detecting drugs from a fingerprint

Detection of drugs in fingerprints.

  • Academic: Dr Mel Bailey

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Water versus cement

Measurement standards for NMR characterisation of cement.

  • Academic: Prof Peter McDonald
  • Partner: National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

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The economics of biorefining - a collaborative approach

Multiscale modelling within business and environmental environments.

Bioresource knowledge and data system targeted for downstream conversions (BioTARG).

Value chain analysis platform for biorefining processes.

  • Academic: Dr Franjo Cecelja, Dr Madeleine Bussemaker, Professor Richard Murphy, Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan
  • Partner: BioSep Ltd

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Trustworthy voting

Routes to market for trustworthy voting systems.

  • Academic: Professor Steve Schneider
  • Partner: Victorian Electoral Commission (Australia)

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Mining the deep web for business

InfoClew - building time-dependent information networks from the deep web.

  • Academic: Dr Bogdan Vrusias
  • Partner: Technotomy

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Understanding NHS cancer data

iMalthus - extending the Malthus cancer treatment demand model.

  • Academic: Professor Normal Kirkby
  • Partner: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and National Cancer Action Team

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Optimising training time for eye surgeons

MASTERS (Minimal Access Surgery Training, Evaluation and Reporting Software).

  • Academic: Dr Lilian Tang
  • Partner: Moorfields Eye Hospital

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Mobilising the elderly

Protocols and test environments for assessment of mobility (walking) in the older person.

  • Academics: Professor David Ewins, Dr Khim Horton
  • Partner: Blatchford and Sons Ltd (Basingstoke, UK)

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Solving the cocktail party problem

Quadio® - improving speech intelligibility using acoustic source separation with audio frequency.

  • Academics: Professor Banu Gunel (Associate Professor), Mr Martyn Buxton-Hoare (Director of Technology Transfer)
  • Partner: Eluidare Ltd

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Towards next generation communications: 5G

Implementation of the FBMC-IOTA system for encoding digital data.

  • Academics: Dr Pei Xiao
  • Partner: Aeroflex

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Warm and algae-free

Enhanced, energy-efficient swimming pool covers.

  • Academic: Dr Steve Clowes
  • Partner: Plastipack Ltd

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Pain-free parking

Smart Personal Parking Experience (SPPeX).

  • Academic: Dr Mehrdad Dianati
  • Partner: Accelogress Ltd

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Why buildings collapse

Application of theoretical models against progressive collapse of flat-slab concrete structures.

  • Academic: Dr Juan Sagaseta
  • Partner: ARUP Group Ltd

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Helping animals to get well soon

Carbon nanotube based textiles for tissue regeneration in animal patients.

  • Academics: Dr Alan Dalton, Dr Izabela Jurewicz, Professor Roberto La Ragione
  • Partner: Fitzpatrick Referrals

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Big data for animal health

5G for animal monitoring.

  • Academics: Professor Klaus Moessner, Professor Alisdair Cook
  • Partner: Westpoint Veterinary Group

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Eradicating wrinkles with space technology

Plasma system for cosmetic surgery and other medical applications.

  • Academic: Dr Aaron Knoll
  • Partner: Fourth State Medicine

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Low-cost, flexible touchscreens

Inexpensive nanostructured touchscreen electrodes.

  • Academic: Dr Alan Dalton
  • Partner: M-SOLV

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Sounds and pictures

Light tags for augmented paper and packaging.

  • Academics: Professor David Frohlich, Dr Radu Sporea, Dr Janko Calic
  • Partner: Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, part of Swansea University

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Behind the scenes at the museum

Augmented reality to enhance cultural experiences.

  • Academics: Dr Helen Treharne
  • Partners: Pervasive Intelligence Ltd, Visit Surrey, The Lightbox and Watts Gallery

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Breathe easy

Developing a low-cost, highly effective, portable spirometer.

  • Academic: Dr David Birch
  • Partner: South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA)

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