Our dual-degree scheme allows you to obtain two degrees, one English and one Chinese, in the same time-frame as a traditional Chinese degree.

Why choose a dual-degree?

Whether studying in China or the UK, the dual-degree exposes you to highly interactive and challenging teaching styles used in the UK education system. You will develop your independence, leadership, communication, reasoning and critical thinking skills, preparing you for further study or the start of your career.

Get two degrees

By completing the programme you will get qualifications that are recognised in both China and the UK.

Improve your English

The final two years of your course are taught in English, helping you finish your degree with a higher level of English language.

Be more employable

Having both a UK and Chinese degree means you be more employable, especially if you want to work internationally.

Get industry experience

By coming to Surrey, you will have the opportunity to complete a Professional Training placement with one of our 2,300+ industry partners.

International recognition

International companies greatly value a UK degree, as you will have western approach to management, are able to work across many cultures, and have excellent language skills.

Get a UK education for cheaper

By completing the dual-degree programme, you will get a UK education and English language training at a lower cost than traditional entry methods.

Continue your studies internationally

A UK degree is more universally accepted than a traditional Chinese degree and you can use this to apply for postgraduate study at Surrey or other world-leading universities.

Become more cultured

The opportunity to study in the UK provides a rounded international education and is a pathway to living and working overseas.

Academic reputation

SII-DUFE combines the experience and reputation of the University of Surrey and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

Teaching quality

All SII-DUFE courses are audited by the British Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Chinese Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE).

Dedicated learning resources

You will have access to the SII-DUFE library, learning centre and language lab, in addition to our virtual learning environment.

Student support

Whilst in China, you will receive support from the Student Affairs Office and in the UK you can access student support via the MySurrey Hive.

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