Studying at SII-DUFE opens doors to a range of study and employment options not generally available to students of traditional Chinese universities.

Our dual-degree structure

The programmes offered at SII-DUFE are designed to be taken within a dual-degree structure. A dual degree at SII-DUFE provides you with qualifications that are recognised in both China and the UK, increasing your employability in Chinese and international companies.

You will graduate with a Chinese and a British degree, so you will be able to present potential employers with the degree best recognised in their sectors and countries.

Whether studying in China or the UK, the dual degree exposes you to highly interactive and challenging teaching styles used in the UK education system. You will develop your independence, leadership, communication, reasoning and critical thinking skills, preparing you for further study or the start of your career.

Other ways that you will benefit from a dual degree at SII-DUFE include:

  • Receiving a UK education and English language training at a lower cost
  • Improved language skills, confidence and a global network of contacts
  • If you transfer to the University of Surrey after completing your initial two years at SII-DUFE, then you can apply for a Professional Training placement with one of our 2,300-plus partners, helping you build your business skills within a real work environment

Using English

All modules are taught in English so that you rapidly increase your confidence and fluency in the language.